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Can i be your lover? Ch. 01 "Love at first sight?"

Can i be your lover? Ch. 01 "Love at first sight?"

By EmoGrlsXD

Love? What is love? There are so many things that humans have and I dont have any of them. Why cant I be human, and why am i so diffrent? Why do i have to be..... a demon?

My name is Edward and im not human, but i want to be one or be like one. My father is a very powerful demon but my mother was a human. I want to be like my father but im the weakest of my siblings and im also the youngest, not to meantion my mothers human. Meaning that i have some human feelings in me. Yes, you must be thinking why do i want to be human when im an immortal life form? Well, you see my mother was diffrent then most humans. She was able to love a monster, and she knew what he really was. Most humans would be scared to fing out that the person they thought they loved was a demon or even the devil. Even knowomg that she still fell in love and then soon i was born. She even named me Edward meaning "rich, blessed" and weard "guard". I spent 5 years with my mother, but i had to come live with my father because i started "growing" meaning my demon features were coming in. Father says i was early in strating my growing i wasn't meant to until i was around 10 years old, shows my snoty brothers! And on my 16th birthday father has promised to let me journey the human world once again! I already have it planned first ill see mother then i will find true love! Thats my life goal, to find someone to love me!
**2 days later (My 16th birthday wish!)**

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15 Jul, 2011

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