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Can You Hear Me Cry? EPISODE #1

Can You Hear Me Cry? EPISODE #1

By cri

I was 11 and an ambitious talented kid, or so they said, with the whole world ahead of me and so much to live for. He was 13, tall and underweight. He was so skinny that he could have probably broken to pieces on the spot. 
One day I came to school and he wasn't there, so I asked another friend why. She said that there were rumours of his mother getting hit by a truck and having a 30% chance of survival. 
Rumours? I fumed. How could anyone make up these kind of rumours? This is serious! I thought.
After English was Maths, and after Maths was break. So I rushed to the field, where it was quieter, and got my cellphone out. I punched in his number.
"Hello? Derek, answer me! Can we talk?" I yelled down the phone.
A soft, hurt voice replied "Can you hear me cry?"
"Derek? Please don't! Talk to me! I want to know what's going on."
Suddenly "IT'S NONE OF YOUR F-CKING BUSINESS! MY MUM IS...IS...oh this isn't good...THIS ISN'T GOOD! F***********CK NO F*CK NO! DIE! YOU B*TCH...DIE, DIE, DIE, DIE!"
There was a loud male scream, then there was silence. 
"Derek? Derek?"
The call had ended.
Somehow I had pressed the "Record Call" button and the call had been recorded onto my phone. Shaking, I listened to it.
I tossed the phone down in horror. I hadn't realized it had been on full volume all the way. Juno was now running towards me. "What the hell was that?"
I couldn't take it anymore. I broke down and began to cry.

Author Notes: I'll update next week! Cheers, Rainer

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21 Aug, 2015
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1 min
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