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Cankle Boy
Cankle Boy

Cankle Boy

yaboyrobertRobert Thornton
2 Reviews

"Wow Nick, that was actually pretty funny,” I said to him while thinking the opposite.

That was honestly probably the dumbest thing I've heard all day. With your stupid flannel, make up your mind, do you want upward stripes or sideways stripes.

“Thanks, dude. I’ve actually been working on my jokes recently,” Cankle kid replied.

This frickin kid, with his skinny jeans. I wonder if he's lost circulation in his legs yet. Actually, wait. How did you even get those skinny jeans on with those big ol' cows on your legs?

“Yeah Pal, you should actually do comedy. These jokes rock bro,” I hyped him up.

The only way he’d be a successful comedian is if he let the people make fun of him. With your beard, what even is that. You patchy looking weirdo. Or that stupid haircut. Don't even get me started on the haircut. You have been looking like Ms. Cooley. But boy, let me tell you about those cankles man. His entire body looks like a tree trunk; his body staying the same size throughout. His calves probably weigh at least 25 pounds each.

Author Notes: No people were harmed in the making of this comedic short story. :)

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Robert Thornton
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27 Nov, 2018
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