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Cannibal Lecture

Cannibal Lecture

By Jaggergum

'Ugh! Casie! its all your Fault!' Libby Winged impatiently
Libby stood up off of the rock she was sitting on
'Well sorry, But i just wanted to show you a house,ITS CREEPY!'
'Yeah but, you know and i know Cannibals live there.' Libby said, walking further down the road with Casie walking slowly beside her. 'There it is!!' Casie and Libby Shouted. They heard a laughter of a lady,and a man. They heard the shrieks of a Baby in pain. This couldn't be what we thought was happening?. Casie suddenly ran up to the door. I waited and waited. I finally got Signal on my phone and used it up to call mine and Casie's parents and the police. I also called the ambulance just in case. The police Arrived and told me to wait in the car,Which my mother had parked up herself. My dad was sitting in the front seat,Driving whilst my mum was sat beside him, Putting her hand behind my seat,I held it tight. The police went off to the house and found Casie. She had a hole in her head,She was carrying an injured baby, The police-officer called for back up and they took the baby hently from her hands and put the baby in the ambulance. The cannibals were gone. The police-officer took Casie to the ambulance aswell, The hospital checked her and checked her again, She only had a few stiches but now,Everyone at our school knows that Casie would've gotten eaten if we hadn't came to her Rescue. Meanwhile,The baby was un-harmed, Just a cold and a few bruises. We thought that the Cannibals would beat her up first and then roast her and cook her, The baby is a girl by the way. We found out by the scan and it said 'She is fine' So i went home and i was kind of back to normal.

I wished and wished that christmas would be good. I so wanted Casie and the Baby to come around my house for dinner, My mum and dad said yes so i was jolly for the next couple of weeks,Then it all started to go wrong. Casie had to bring her grandma and grandpa to the Christmas party and they Couldn't exactly walk properly, So Casie had to hook their arms but her Grandpa accidentally touched Casie's stiched arm. We opened our Crinoline boxes. Casie opened her's in Aw. She found a long tin of Art' De Fronz pencils,pens,and Paints and paint-brushes. She loved it! she ran up to me and gave me a big hug. An hour passed and we had an early lunch. Grandpa pushed his salad away and ate all of his Turkey. This was odd because Casie's grandpa was a vegetarian. He didn't eat anymore meat,his beady eyes looked across to everyone in the room and suddenly,He Grabbed us all and dragged us into the attic,And tied us all up onto a stick. He propped both ends of the sticks onto boxes. The Stick that he was holding us on was just above a fire pit,Our bodies were almost meeting the fire pit, Grandpa lit the fire pit. We were all melting away. When we finished melting,Grandpa blew the fire out and got a spoon. He started eating our melt'aways. From that day on,Cannibals were running loose everywhere,everyday you should watch out because that person talking to you behind the bar could be a Cannibal, you would never know would you? The only ramain's of this family (Well...They were mine and casies family,but we are dead now) was Casie's mum and dad. They cried and Cursed saying 'I cant believe my dad killed my family' But it was too late. They couldn't save them. It is to say that if you live in Buntinford,United kingdom you will get eaten by a Cannibal.

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3 Feb, 2012
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3 mins
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