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By Roosie131 - 4 Reviews

Janet and Alyssa walked down the rocky road praying they'd be home soon.
"Janet, this is all your fault!" Alyssa screamed.
"I didn't mean for us to end up in the middle of nowhere!" Janet screamed back.
Alyssa took out her cell phone again. "God, still no signal."
Janet ripped Alyssa's phone out of her hand and looked at the screen. "Maybe if we walk a little farth-"
Alyssa stopped and glared at Janet. "You've said that one billion times, and we just go further and further! Ding, ding, ding! That's how we got in this situation!"
Janet turned around and started crying. "Alyssa, I'm just as scared. You think I did this on purpose!? I wanted to show you a cool haunted house, and I must've taken a wrong turn! I'm sorry, I feel terrible. Now please try to NOT blame me all of the time!"
"Sorry, Jan. I'm just scared. My mom told me that cannibals live around here, and I really am not in the mood to be eaten."
Janet giggled a little. "Same."
They walked further and further until they saw a house.
"Thank god! We can have them drive us back home!" Janet exclaimed.
Alyssa shook her head. "No way! Haven't you seen Wrong Turn 3? The cannibals live in houses like that!"
Janet laughed. "Okay, okay. It seems they aren't home anyways. We'll just sneak into their house and use their phone. Okay?"
Alyssa nodded. "Fine. But if somebody cathes us, I will never forgive you. And anyways, if they aren't home, what harm could they do?"
They walked up to the house and opened the rusty old door.
"Uck, it stinks in here," Alyssa moaned.
Janet shook her head and made her way in. Inside was a disaster. It looked like a house from the tv show HOARDING.
They looked in every room but couldn't find a phone. Finally, Alyssa cried "Janet, come here! Hurry!"
Janet ran through the dump and found herself in a baby's room. In the crib layed a perfectly normal baby, and it was very cute.
"Alyssa, see? These people cannot be cannibals and have a normal baby!" Janet pointed out.
"Not all of them are ugly and disfigured." Alyssa touched the baby's head.
The baby started to wail and cry.
"Oh, god! What if the cannibals come back!?" Alyssa cried.
Janet looked around and walked out of the baby's room. On a wall was a picture of the family. They were cannibals all right, with blood stained clothes and horrid faces.
Alyssa emerged from the room-holding the silent baby.
"How'd you get it to stop crying?" Janet asked, picking up a phone.
"I don't know, I just held her until she shut up." Alyssa laughed a little.
The baby's eyes widened at Janet.
"Why are you holding her?!" Janet finally noticed the baby in Alyssa's arms.
"They're probably going to raise her then eat her. I can't let that happen to her. And even if they don't, I do not want this poor child to suffer her childhood looking at blood everywhere and have her eat humans. We have to save her." Alyssa cuddled the baby.
"Ugh. She's going to slow us down," Janet whined.
"No, I don't care. This poor child has to have a good home."
Janet shrugged and dialed 911. "Hello? Hello? Yes, I have an emergency. I am lost, and we have arrived in an area with- Yes I'm lost. I really need to you guys to come get us. We're in the cannibal area. Do you know where that is? Ok, ok. Thank you. Please hurry up."
Janet smiled and looked at Alyssa. "We're ok. The police said they'd be here in a half hour. Now, lets get the heck outta here!"
They ran out of the house and back down the same path. Janet froze.
Alyssa looked down the path and saw a rusty old pickup truck cruising down the path. Alyssa jumped into the woods and cried. "C'mon!"
Janet and Alyssa hid behind a bush and watched the truck pass.
"Oh, thank god! Now, hurry up and start running because it won't be too long before they notice the baby's gone!" Alyssa whisper-screamed.
They ran through the forest and ended up back on the road.
"Oh, darn. I dropped my iPhone." Janet looked in her backpack. "Nope. I have to go back and get it. The police should be here really soon. Just tell them I went back to get something."
"So, what! You can't go back! They're gonna get you!" Alyssa shouted. She rocked the baby gently.
"It's ok. They've probably given up on the baby." Janet started running back in the forest. Alyssa shook her head and kissed the baby's bald head. "It's ok. I won't let you live with those cannibals any longer."
Twenty minutes had passed and the police had arrived. They took the baby into the car and ushered Alyssa in the car, too. Alyssa shook her head.
"Miss, you have to come with us," the policeman instructed.
"My friend went back into the forest to get her iPhone. She should be back soon." Alyssa turned around and sighed.
The policeman pushed Alyssa into the car. "Hon', I know you're waiting for your friend, but we have to get you back safely. I'll get backup to go down there and get your friend. We could die just waiting for her."
Alyssa nodded and buckled her seat belt. She slept the entire way home. And when she got home, she insisted on keeping the baby.

Alyssa was watching TV when she heard a knock at the door. She got up and opened it.
"Is this Alyssa Ericson's house?" A mid-aged woman asked.
"Yes, what is it?" Alyssa asked.
"We know you've been worrying about your friend, Janet Goldstone, but we have some bad news. May I come in?" the lady asked.
"Sure." Alyssa opened the door some more and let the lady in.
"I'm Officer Rhonda, and I've been on the case of your missing friend, Janet."
Alyssa nodded.
"We finally found her. We found her dead in a house, many, many miles away. She was cut up in many pieces. The people were not home, and we understand cannibals live there. It was very brave to save that baby." Officer Rhonda looked at the TV screen.
Alyssa started crying. "Oh, god!"

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30 Dec, 2011
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5 mins
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