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Caring Too Much
Caring Too Much

Caring Too Much

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I hate caring, it always hurts me in the end.

I want the best for you, however hard it may be for me.

All the pain I endure is worth seeing your smile.

Knowing that at least you are doing better than me.

I'm sick of hanging on to something that destroys me.

Letting go of everything just seems easier.

Letting go of the past, present, and future.

Letting go of my feelings, wiping away any trace of emotion I ever had.

I could easily stop caring about myself.

But you..

The thought of losing you kills me.

The thought of keeping you only gives me false hope.

To me you are my everything, you are the reason I haven't completely given up.

When you are happy it's like whatever higher power there is, is smiling down on me.

Your personality is electric, and when your laughter fills the air the people around you can't help but join in.

You glow with kindness, you care so much it's overwhelming.

Your positivity shines through all the hardships I know you've faced.

You're passionate.

You're perfect.


The complete and total opposite of me.

You brighten peoples' days while I bring them down.

You can talk to people face to face but I struggle to make eye contact.

Then there are our similarities of course.

We both have so many emotions bottled up that we are unable to understand.

We both care more than we should..

Which is the reason we both struggle to help ourselves.

We care too much about other people to even notice the terrible things we let ourselves do.

We refuse to notice the bad habits we are starting.

We focus too much about other people.

But I won't let you fade away.

I see beyond the fake persona you put on everyday to please those around you.

I'll help you stay sane.

I'll help you stay yourself.

I won't let you be engulfed by the bad things.

I'll help you before it's too late.

Before we both are past the point of help.

I'll save you,

The way I couldn't save myself.

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25 Jan, 2022
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