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A Cat
A Cat

A Cat


I am Millie the black cat. I live with a family of five. Mom(Sydni),Dad(Hank),Joe,Hailey,and Lucy. They raised me since I was just a year old. My cat mother gave birth to me and left me when I turned a year old. This family had found me and took me in for a check up to make sure I was clean. After I was confirmed clean they took me home and raised me starting with a bath, then food, after that it was time for a bedtime story with Joe. Joe was always my favorite I stayed with him the most. He was only 6 years old. One day they family took me to a place I never saw. I wasn't feeling well and since I am a cat I can't understand humans well. All I remember hearing is "She has to be put down". I saw the humans start to cry. Next thing I know I was placed on a cold table and everything went black until I saw a light. I saw many other cats. I was in cat heaven so I knew something happened but I was not sure what. I loved cat Heaven but I just wanted to find my family again.

Author Notes: I hope you understood the story. All cats go to Heaven. Thank you for reading!

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21 Jun, 2019
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1 min
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