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Caterpillar Butterfly

Caterpillar Butterfly

By july61998

Can I tell you a story? A story about a girl that had wonderful parents. She grew up loved and cared for. She was spoiled; not too much, but just enough. She was happy. Or so everyone thought. She held a secret that no one else knew. One that could shatter the whole family. One that could shatter her. One that did. She was changed by this secret, forever. Forced to live with it on her own. Then one day, she was no longer a child. She was grown and still carried this secret with her everywhere she went. She was shy. She preferred to remain unnoticed. That made her feel safer. If she remained unseen, she couldn't be hurt. But as in all fairytales, there are happy endings; right? She met someone. Someone she thought could change her world; keep her safe; erase the past. Someone she thought she could trust. And it was perfect, for a time. Until it wasn't. It became dark. She was afraid. She withdrew. But was this the answer? Regardless of her past, she believed in second chances. This second chance brought something beautiful into the world and things were perfect again. But, it didn't last. It became dim once more. The second chance turned into a third, a forth, a fifth...... She had to get away. It wasn't just her anymore. She had someone much more important to protect. But in fairytales there are heroes. Where was her hero? Who was going to save her? Who was going to keep them safe?

It was her. It was her all along. She was the hero. She didn't need anyone to save her. She could do that on her own. She had the strength to save them both. And so, she did.

But that’s not how her story ends. It’s how it truly begins. She recognizes now that she is the architect of her happiness. She’s in control of her future. And no matter what obstacles she faces, she will persevere. She will exemplify, for her child, what happiness should be. And no one will take that away.

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1 Feb, 2019
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1 min
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