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Cats Meow

Cats Meow

By djreed7100 - 1 Review

I just talked to a girl who previously seemed unavailable for anything else but a silly wave hello.  I had made eye contact with her a few times but nothing more.  No acknowledgment when our eyes had connected.  Bloody non existence   This girl is devastatingly beautiful.   An affirmative to my request to land had been denied many times over.  I circled oh the hair salon for weeks, trying to catch a glimpse of her.  Days had run away like horses over the hills.  In these several weeks, I rehearsed a thousand times over what I would say to her, 'hey how you doing,' ' how's your day,' and a risky, ' wow! I didn't know how beautiful you are up close.'  I sat there at a stand still with nothing at all.  A breeze then came in carrying the scent of a flower.  Although I knew not of what type of I knew beyond a doubt that I was to be experiencing beauty coming my way.
It's ninety something degrees and I am going to motor out of here, 'come on Otis' we wander through and around town.  Otis sporting a cut up white sock surrounding his right rear paw, half way up.  A rubber band is double secured at the top.  So many accessories just to prevent a minor abrasion.  While my eyes are fixated on Otis's bum wing, I smell the hair salon and it is close.  I have done this so many times, what could happen right?  Usually I'd see her cutting and chatting.   Occasionally I'd open my mouth as if to say something.  No words came to fruition.  Today I did not say anything to her but I mimed something from outside, in mute. I assume that not enough correct hand motions occurred so she then motioned to her co workers to wait a second, hold up like, she had to go see what this nonsense(me) is about.  She arose rather quickly.  My heart valves ceased somewhat.  I just keep smiling not having any clue as to what to say.  She opened the side door, 'hey.' she say's.  I return "I thought you had long hair?"  She smiles.  The clouds open the sky.  We twist words like foreplay.  She has a veraciously sexy dimple, an undulation. 

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26 Jun, 2015
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1 min
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