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Cemetery Caroline
Cemetery Caroline

Cemetery Caroline

enigmaticflamingoMother Goose

-"Settle down kids", I cried while sitting in my rocking chair.
-"But grandma, what kind of story will you tell us today?"
I looked at all my grandchildren, then lifted my head to stare at the magnificent Montana mountains, sitting near my porch. The breeze caressed my wrinkled face...
-"Have you kids ever heard of... Cemetery Caroline?", I asked.
-"No, but can you tell us about it?", asked the eldest.
I sighed and started...
'Caroline was a young, normal teenager who went to her local high school. She lived in an old, Midwest town where everybody knew each other. She was a relatively good student in school. She didn't get in trouble, had good grades, had friends... She wasn't in that bad of a place. She also had a boyfriend whom she loved dearly. Then, prom rolled around, and she respectively went with him. Everything was going well and then she left him a minute to go see her friends. She turned around to see her lover was gone. She looked around the gymnasium, and after going through the side hallway she saw him with another girl. She yelled to get his attention and started arguing badly with him. She slapped him and ran off. Her mascara was dripping and her feet were killing her. She ran across her street, making her way home. She stopped on the street across the cemetery, she was always scared of this, ever since little. She knew crossing it would bring her home faster, and since she was tired and in pain, she decided to pass through the cemetery. She decided to run across the street and a car going full speed struck her, she was killed on the spot. Since her parents noticed she wasn't home yet, they went looking for her and called her friends. Her mom went down the street where she was hit and saw her in her red dress lying on the floor. She ran to her, thinking she was passed out. But when she got close she fell to her knees and yelled. Her father came running and called an ambulance. The paramedics arrived only to say she died on contact, they estimated her time of death at 11:00 pm approximatively. The police announced they were going to look for the driver who ran her over soon. Her parents, friends, and family were all devastated.
Ever since this fateful day, people have said they saw a woman in a red dress walking in the cemetery and in its surroundings at 11:00 pm. Some people have even stopped to ask her if she was lost and if she needed a ride anywhere. She got in the car and always went to the same destination, the cemetery. Moral of the story, look on the two sides of the road before crossing...

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed! Check out my other scary stories! (:

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Mother Goose
About This Story
9 May, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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