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kevinjon4898Kevin Jones

Known as one of the most popular kids in school, Stuart spent most of his early days hanging out with friends and going to parties. You know the usual things that get people elected prom king. Yet sadly, when that part of your life is over it never truly carries on with you. No one actually cares what you have done outside of school or whether or not u were prom king. When entering adulthood you have to learn to just leave things in the past. Luckily for Stuart thanks to his popularity he didn’t have any trouble finding jobs...he just didn’t have the correct requirements.

He went to many job interviews but each was worse than the last. Until he found something that he was actually good at was sales. He already knew how to develop good relationships with people and convincing them was basically what he did in order to become prom king. All he had to do was repurpose his skills into selling. He was actually one of the best salesmen in town. He would eventually become the manager of the company. After about 10 years of being apart of the company many knew him as his nickname “2D” because he was known for being two sided most of the time.

People say that they saw him as a template of what to do in order to become successful, but to him he was a template of what to do in order to fail. He thought back upon his early life and saw it as his life decreasing in interest. Each day he went to work for 8 hours and went back home right after. Some days he would go out with friends and have some fun, but even then he felt as if he wasn’t even really there kind of like he was just drifting away from them. He eventually gathered the effort to just accept that this was his life now.

He was on the way to work one early morning and a supposed animal ran across the street. After swerving from hitting the animal he ran the car off the road and injured himself into a coma. Luckily an ambulance was called from one of the drivers who saw the accident and Stuart was on his way to the hospital. He was in the bed at the hospital laying there quietly and stiff. His friends visited him the first day and watched him wondering when he would awake again.

Stuart wakes up in bed and proceeds to get leave for work as he usually does everyday. He doesn’t seem to understand his circumstances as of right now however. He is in the hospital room at this very moment while he is in a coma, but his surroundings portray his everyday life as he portrays it to be. Which is a boring, repetitive and udderly not interesting life were all he does is go to work and home. He went the usual way to work and what he say was a “blur” just sitting there and string back at him at him. Were his eyes playing a trick on him or was he just going crazy. He brushed it off and continued to drive to work. He entered the parking lot for the building and drive into his space. Kanasu one of his co-workers passed by and said “Morning” in a tone of despair to the freshly woken Stuart as he said in return “Morning” with extreme exclaim. As they both proceeded to walk into the building it was as if the place was more alive and vibrant somehow. Everyone actually talked to him for once.

As he kept trying to move to his office a new coworker appeared and explained how much he means to them and his effect on others lives. He finally made it to his office and contemplated on how much people enjoy him and his company with them. He engaged a meeting with them in order to show his appreciation towards them. Everyone gathered in a room and sat down. Eve the receptionist at the office said “What exactly is this meeting about sir” in a questionable tone as Stuart responded with “I would like to show my appreciation with you guys by buying your lunch today” everyone was confused no one knew what he was talking about. They sat there for a minute in pure silence as Cessair a salesman said with a questionable tone “Yah...sure we do”. Stuart was reading into what he said thinking and looking back upon the moment as he walking into the building. He realized that maybe they weren’t saying good things toward him maybe he just blocked out the bad things. Getting out of the car and after he greeted Kanasu, Cessair was walking behind him and was whispering to Kanasu. He thought maybe they were talking about me behind my back. “That’s what everyone did they greeted me with a friendly hello and walked off to talk behind my back as if I wasn’t there” he thought. He left the room in complete silence and walked back into his office then shut the door. He didn’t say anything for the rest of the day. As everyone left to go home or out with each other Stuart just stayed in his office. On the way out the few who were going out that night invited him, yet he declined in a stubborn manner.

On the way home he was thinking about them inviting him to go get drinks and he figured that it was out of pity. As he passed a bar on the way home he figured he would just get drinks by himself since he himself seems to be his only friend. He came out with a bottle of Tequila and Hennessy as he was wanting to drink his despair away. He got home and just threw his things from work on the floor not even caring and immediately started drinking. As he was done he went to take a shower for a full hour fully clothed. He then jumped into bed and went to sleep. He woke up late that morning, but he doesn’t care anymore as if living his life was just a hobby and not a full time thing.

He began to get into the car to go to work in the clothes he had on yesterday. He went down that same road that ended with a tunnel. As he was driving he saw the blurr again, just standing there waiting for something. He drove on and to his surprise the blur wasn’t even blurry anymore. It was a cat, before his very eyes a black cat appeared from the blur and ran into the road. As he was drunk the night before he ended up committing the same accident that he did before.

He woke up in the hospital and quickly shot up in disbelief of the actions that had occurred. A doctor appeared from the hallway and entered the room. Trying to focus he tried to prop himself up in the bed. The doctor noticed this and said to him “Its ok everything's fine just relax a little bit”. Stuart was just staring and thinking about everythings that happened recently trying to put things together. Breathing heavily to the point where even the doctor was aware of what was happening and urged him to calm down. He said “I will be right back you have a visitor waiting in the hallway” in a dull but exclaimed tone. Sitting there questioning who could be coming to see him since he believes that he doesn’t have anyone. The room becomes engulfed in darkness and the lights come on to show who’s in the doorway. The black cat was just sitting there staring back at him not moving a single inch. As the cat sits there he begins to come up with a scenario of his situation he thought “Maybe I’m still in the coma and I’m never coming out of it or what if I am actually awake in the hospital now either way nothing will change”.

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About The Author
Kevin Jones
About This Story
31 May, 2018
Read Time
6 mins
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