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A Change of Being (Part 1)
A Change of Being (Part 1)

A Change of Being (Part 1)

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Chapter One- Rose

I’m in a dark alley. My mom’s sick. I need to get her medicine. The Hospital! I’m almost there! Sobs greet my ears. What is that noise? I think. I stop and look around. There’s a small girl! She’s all alone and she’s crying. “Little Girl? What’s wrong?” I ask. The Little Girl just continues crying. I walk up to her. “Little One, Are you okay? Can i help you with anything?”

I ask, reaching out and touching her shoulder. She looks up at me.

“Yes. You Can.” she says. I smile.

“Alright. How?”

“By feeding me” She says. Her eyes turn black with red pupils and she lunges at me. I scream and dodge. All of a sudden three more people appear.

“Looks like Iris found dinner” one of them says. I scream again as they all lunge~

“Rose! Rose, babygirl, wake up. Wake up. It’s just a nightmare. You’re alright. You’re safe.” Kanei says, shaking me gently awake. He pulls me into his arms and strokes down my spine. “You’re okay. I’m here. As always” I cling to him.

“Tell me what happened next.” I gasp.

“Well, I saw them about to attack you and thought ‘i can't let her die’. So i attacked the other Ghouls but by the time I was done, you were almost dead. So i made you like me. And you haven’t left me, or tried to leave. And that is amazing to me. I would’ve thought you’d have left by now.”

“Nope! She’ll never leave you.” Touka says, walking in. I pull away from Kaneki and realize that he’s not wearing a shirt. I turn blood red. Kaneki chuckles and ruffles my hair as he gets up.

“Good I’d hate it if she did. She brightens up my days.” Kaneki murmurs, too low for Touka to hear and low enough for me to know that i wasn't supposed to hear that either.

Author Notes: there will be more as i write it

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5 Apr, 2019
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