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A Change of Being (Part 2)
A Change of Being (Part 2)

A Change of Being (Part 2)


I'm standing at the coffee maker watching Touka shamelessly flirt with Kaneki. And i can't do anything but watch. Hide places a hand on mine. I turn to him and smile. “Yes?” i say, looking at him. He blushes faintly.

“Rose… I like you and I wonder… would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?” he asks. His cheeks are bright red and he sounds shy. I open my mouth to answer but Kaneki appears behind me and wraps an arm around my waist. His lips touch my neck and i gasp softly. “Oh… nevermind. I'm sorry I didn’t know you and Kaneki were together.” he leaves still mumbling “sorry”. Kaneki pulls away.

“Why would you do that!?!” i snap, turning on him. Kaneki’s eyes widen. “I can handle myself! I don't need your help! Go back to Touka!”

“Rosie, I don't want Touka. I don't. And I never will. But were you gonna say yes to him?”

“No. but I wasn’t gonna do that. Who do you think you are!?! You're not my boyfriend! You have no right to act like you are!” I shout. Kaneki slams his hands down onto the counter. One on either side of me, caging me in. He leans into my face.

“You’re right. I'm not your boyfriend. But that doesnt mean I can just stand by and watch someone flirt with you. I can't. That's not the kind of boy I am. And if you’d rather I stand back and let it happen, then you need to move out of my room. Because as long as you are living with me, you are MINE. and I do not share. I refuse to.”

“I am not yours. I never have been. Go back to Touka. I hear she likes you.” I snarl, flipping my flaming red hair over my shoulder. Kaneki’s eyes widen.

“Are you… jealous? Is that what's going on? You being jealous because she flirting with me?”

“So you knew. You knew she was flirting and you didn’t stop her.”

“Why should i? It's not like you like me… is it?” he retorts. I shut up, my cheeks flaming red. I do like you. And i thought you’d know that because you know me better than i know myself.

He sighs and walks away. I go to mine an Kaneki’s room as tears leave burning trails down my cheeks.

Author Notes: this is a part 2. please read part 1 first

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8 Apr, 2019
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2 mins
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