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By Lovewillprevail

If I could change anything about me what would it be?
Everything. Every single atom in my body. Every petite microscopic cell. Every speck of darkness that covers my heart. Every mephistophelean thought that gets to my fawn self. I would change the inhumane feelings I have at times. The apathetic feelings. I would change it all.

Why? Because of them. The people, the people who always find a way to turn a smile into a frown. The people who tell you that you will never be good enough. I know I will never be the best and I do not intend to become the best; there will always be someone better and that is okay. So why are you pushing me to change who I am?

Insecurity? Maybe. Maybe that is the only thing that should be changed. Not how I look or how I act or what I wear. Of course I'm not percect, I will never be, and that is okay. I used to be happy with the way I look and the way I act so why must you ruin that and ask me to change who I have always been. It is so easy to point out the flaws in people to feel better about yourself. As if having flaws is a crime, a reason to start over.

They will always judge. Whether you're right or wrong. Whether you're guilty or innocent. Whether you are beautiful or "ugly". So what difference does it make?

I will not change for you. I will change for myself; I will become confident, a better person. I will not let words from equally imperfect people change me.

Author Notes: Sorry that is not really a story and more like a rant.

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17 May, 2013
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1 min
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