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Chapter 1: Salvation

Chapter 1: Salvation

By Fencepost

Six-Gun Sally Series
Written through inspiration of the Holy Spirit upon Cameran Ben Bowles

Chapter 1:Salvation

Upon the midnight barren sky. The untold stories of angelic battles and sanctified souls can get lost in theology, dogmatics, and traditions of man. How many times have we wondered where does this come from? Who has inspired such a work as this. Well, lets begin our story in the spiritual frontier. The town of Surrender was deeply engulfed in a demonic battle of pride, hatred, malice, and despair. The men and women of this town could not see nor hear the battle crys. However there was a lowly widow woman named Nancy. She was in her late sixites, autumn grey hair. She was a devote woman, she prayed daily, faithfully studied the scriptures, and most importantly repented of all her sins. She was poor and had limted resources, however she was contrite and content for she truly loved Jesus.

The forces of darkness that converged upon Surrender were relentless. The demonic hordes were lead by an ancient evil demoness from Babel. Astar and her pet Baph were wrecking havoc upon this town through all manner of sexual immorality, violence, anger, malice, selfishness, murder, disease and decay. The poor citizens were in utter devastation as her and her pet chomped and would bite at their heels. Many of the saints of God lived in this mountain town but few had true repentance and walked daily with Jesus. Nancy seeing and hearing the distress upon her hometown cried out to God. "Lord please by all that you hold dear, in the name of Jesus save us from this wicked foe who wars and feeds upon us. I plead the Blood of Christ over this city and over this town in Jesus's name. Amen!"

A feathered prayer of incense quickly rose to the heavenly realm. A decree was cast and a trumpet sounded. The incensed prayer quickly fell to Six-Gun Sally angel of The Living God Most High. Looking at Sally you see a frontier angel with a duster of many colors, a cowgirl hat incased in flame, a western style shirt with "The Cross of Christ" engraved. You see a gunbelt that comes down over her loins with "Truth" engraved. She had a crome pistol in each holster with "Redemption" and "Peacemaker" engraved upon them. On her feet a pair of steel-toe dingo boots with "Gospel" engraved on each one. She sat upon the saddle a marvelous looking horse incased in blueflame, his name was Bluefire her trusted mount. Always accompanying her was twin leopards from birth one male named Brighteyes, and one female named Angeleyes. These magnificent cats have claws of steel and fangs of ivory. Their roar could be heard for many miles.

As Sally received the feathered prayer she quickly whistled, before to long her and her entourage where streaking across the midnight sky. Astar and Baph were making havoc at the local abortion clinic. People of all ages and for all different reasons were coming in to slaughter the innocent not knowing what they did. Astar was feeding herself silly on this pain and death. Baph, her pet was off and running around town causing every kind of lustful emotion and embrace, enticing the community at large. These men and women being enticed by their own lusts were quickly giving into these demonic influences. As a speckled goblin arrives with some unholy orders. The orders read: "Nancy, a saint of the most high is calling for immediate divine assistance. We here at Lucifer Inc. are extremly concerned that she may be of virtue and godliness we must dispatch her quickly, so she can no longer pray. Get to work. This comes directly from the CEO." Astar calls her pet, they begin to work unholy spells and demon rites. The town now incased in black orbs has many more creatures from the abyss entering in. As Astar, Bamp, and her ungodly horde converge on Nancy. Nancy quickly recognizes three shady individuals coming towards her demanding money and threatening her with violence. She falls to her knees and exclaims "Dear Lord, please forgive them for they know not what they do! Save us JESUS!"

With the voice, with the shout of the archangel the lightening clashes and the thunder roars as Six-Gun Sally decends into Surrender. The demoness and all her cronies quickly realize that an angel as arrived in town. As Sally checks her six-guns she loads each pistol upon each bullet is written 'Blood of Christ". The blue flames coming from Bluefire's nostrils give away her postion. From the east and from the west Brighteyes and Angeleyes take point upon the horde. "Stop!" cries Sally, "You can not take this woman this night, for her time has not yet come." Astar says "Me and my master were kicked out of heaven, what have we to do with you, angel of The Almighty. You can not take me in yet." Sally and Astar lock eyes neither one flinching or backing down. Sally's bellow can be heard in the distance "Maybe, maybe not but if you continue to destroy these little ones, you will be consumed in the brightness of Jesus Christ's coming." "Besides" Sally states matter of factly "Jesus decreed you can not have her, thus we are here."

Astar, Bamp, and her unheavenly horde all smirk as she proudly proclaims "We outnumber you a hundred to one." "Get em" Astar hisses. The entire horde and Bamp converge on Sally, Bluefire, Brighteyes, and Angeleyes. The twin leopards quickly take flanking postions gnashing and clawing at the vicious unclean army. Bluefire starts bucking like a bronco, his blue flamed aura filling the entire area, accompanied by the smell of azure rose. Sally does a summersault off her saddle and fires her 'Holy Bullets" into Bamp. With a evil hiss and flick of her wrist Astar fills the entire area with disease, decay, and death. The hideous poison quickly brings Sally and her pals to their knees. As they begin to cough and bleed from every part of their bodies. Astar raises her scythe weapon for the killing blow. When with Sally's last breath she cries "JESUS" with the voice, with the shout, with sound of the archangel the clouds of black orbs and decay give way to heavenly healing rain as the thunder clashes and the sky parts. Sally, and her trio encased in divine light are instantly healed, refreshed, and strengethened from their King Jesus.

Six-Gun Sally filled with righteous resolve stands up. Her proclaim is precise and well said "This town is delievered from you this day, now go your way and sin no more." With a evil smirk and a unwilling hiss Astar says "As I said before you have no power over me down here." "Keep it up and you will be imprisoned til your judgement." Sally demands "Move along." Back in the land of living, Nancy notices the men no longer look on her with intent. Clearly they are unsure why they are here. Nancy exclaims 'Praise you Jesus! Thank you for your deliverance. Hey you three, do you guys believe in Jesus?" One of the men utters something intangible, the other says "Jesus, your crazy lady." The last one who's name is Willy doesn't say a word. "Let's get out of here." the other too say to each other. Nancy quickly realizes that the Holy Spirit is speaking to Willy. She says "Willy, will you also go?" All three glance at each other, they fall silent. One of the young men ask "Willy, do you know her?" "Not at all, never seen her before in my life. What gives lady?" asks Willy. Nancy looks Willy right in the eye and says 'Choose you this day, whom will you serve? The devil and his demons, or Jesus Christ and His holy angels?" Willy without even thinking proudly exclaims "Jesus, I have always believed in Jesus. I choose Jesus." His two buddies Eugene and Alexander start laughing hilariously. 'That's funny Willy, come on lets go." Eugene cracks a smile. Willy looks at his buddies and says "I am sorry guys I can't do this anymore. We have been robbing and hurting people. We have to stop or at least I do. My mom loves Jesus, I was raised in sunday school and I miss her." Alex looks him point blank in the face "So we can go find her." "Nah man, I can't introduce you guys to my mom she would freak." "So, what then you gonna kick it with this old lady? She gonna turn you in first chance she gets." states both the boys matter factly. Nancy says with all boldness "I promise right now before Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior that I will not turn any of you boys in if you promise to walk the straight and narrow right now."

Eugene and Alexander both say "We promise lady, we promise." Willy on the other hand does not utter a single word. The two other boys say "Come on lets go, I am hungry. I wanna get my serve on." Willy says "Nah, you guys go ahead." "All right man see you later." the boys say as they walk away. "Excuse me, Mam. How did you know my name?" Nancy with the kindest smile said "Jesus told me your name son, you know who Jesus is don't you?" "Yes Mam, he barly could get the words out." Tears started streaking down his face 'I have done some bad things, very bad things. Jesus don't want me no more. He could never forgive me for what I have done." Nancy hugs Willy and says in his ear "Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost, why don't you come and eat dinner with me this evening. You can stay at my house til we figure out how to get you out of this mess." Willy asks dumbfounded "Aren't you afraid I might hurt you?" "Hurt me, this is a mircle my boy. Do you not know that heaven rejoice's over one sinner that repents. That angel's cry for the repentant soul." Willy nods and they both start walking off in the midnight air.

Astar's face is angry and filled with hate. "Sally you had no right to hit Willy with that bullet." "I was aiming at your pet, we angels don't, nor can we attack man. That's your job ain't it? Well what do you know the Lord works in mysterious ways don't He."

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28 Feb, 2012
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