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Chapter 1:I have to be noticed

Chapter 1:I have to be noticed

By Poet

I stared blankly at him. Shiny blue eyes. Soft red lips. Tall structure. It was basically anything an eighth grader wanted in a guy. Since he just broke up with his girlfriend, It was time to make a move. But I had ONE problem: How? I closed my locker. He was coming my way. He stopped at the water fountain. He didn't see me. I had to think fast. I pulled my phone from my locker and pretended to be texting someone. I laughed extremely loud. All he did was look at me and smile. He kept walking. He was almost here. My heart pounded for a way to be seen, before it was too late. I thought fast. Then, I fell, it wasn't an accident. He rushed over to me.
"Are you okay, Madyln?" Blue eyes covered over me.
"I think so," I said, breathing slowly.
"Did you trip on something?" he asked.
"No, I don't know why I fell. Hah, thank you. So much," I laughed.
It was Rickie. Blue eyes Rickie. He helped me up and then kept walking.
Would he remember me? Or ignore the fact I had an "accidential" happening right in front of him! I sighed, slamming my locker, again. I walked to my class, slowly. In the class, Rickie was in front of me. I just put my head down.
Near the end of class, Rickie turned around to me.
"Maddie, I'm sorry you fell earlier. Sure, your okay?" He asked.
I bit my lip. He called me Maddie! "Yaah, I'm fine," I replied.
"So, my parents are away this weekend" he started. My heart pounded, NO WAY!
"Rickie, Madyln, is there a problem?" Mrs. Borwell asked.
"No, ma'am," we replied.
I was curious what he would say after class. I didn't want to know, but I did want to. I don't know why I felt like that. So, after class, I sped my way to my locker, but Rickie met up with me shortly after.
"Maddie. Like I was saying, My parents are going away this weekend, and I was going to have a party. Only the cool kids are going. Do you know anyone?" he asked, "Kidding, Do you want to go?" he asked.
I didn't know how to reply. How would my parents feel? Could I even go? What if we got in trouble? But he is so cute.
"I'll be there," I said, smiling
He walked off, but turned back.
"Can you put your number in my phone? I'll do the same," Rickie said, reaching for my phone. We swapped. I put my number in. Then he handed me my phone, and walked off. I looked through my contacts. He put his name as, 'I love you-R'
"No way," I said, mouth open wide.

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About This Story
23 May, 2011
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2 mins
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