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Chapter 36 An Alpha Engineer Tamed
Chapter 36  An Alpha Engineer Tamed

Chapter 36 An Alpha Engineer Tamed


The morning after my swing shift, I showed hubby the dress and shoes, Enrico the pushy engineer brought for me. He wanted to know what they cost but I told him not to worry they were a special deal. I put them on and with the scent of Shalimar and paraded before him. He lifted the short dress hem and took me, shoes still on.

Afterwards I carefully hung the dress in the closet and put the shoes underneath, happy with hubby’s approval of my new outfit. I postponed our family Sunday BBQ and went to the Mall fountain half an hour early to meet Enrico as agreed. I went to the second level of a woman's store and found a spot to observe the fountain. I dawdled among the racks and peeked out now and then until he showed up, 10 minutes early. He eagerly scanned the shopping throngs and looked skeptical as he glanced about as if he might be making a fool of himself. I enjoyed spying on him.

When he looked the other way I left the store, waited a few minutes then strolled back 5 minutes late and smiled recognition when he spotted me. He was pleased to see me in the blue mini dress and shoes he bought.

I led him to the bistro where I first had tea with Edward when I initially became a wayward wife. He ordered coffee and me tea in its little silver kettle. He loaded sugar and cream in his cup as he informed me in detail he didn't drink tea. I told him he needed to expand his taste and coffee like whiskey is best neat.

To keep his attention, I kept tugging my short dress hem down with my left hand which wore my wedding ring, tapped the heel of a shoe on the tile floor and swayed close to him when refilling my cup so he could smell his Shalimar perfume. By his glances I could tell the invasion of another man's territory excited him. It all kept him focused while he pretended to be aloof. His pretense failed. My guppy was excited.

He was also nervous, nervous of being seen with me in public with my mini dress. Married, he had his own domestic turf issues and glanced about now and then to see if we were being observed by the esplanade shoppers. I suspected he had been caught before by his wife. Once my tea was finished I swung toward him getting off the stool, gave him a short skirt flash and informed him.

"I need to get a few small things before we go on a date."

"I am not buying jewelry."

"Of course not, I'm married and don't want your jewelry. You’re not important enough."

He flushed but didn’t reply, his relief on his no jewelry agenda overcame his desire to snap back. I led him into the Emporium Department Store at one end of the Mall. My skirt and heels attracted the attention of others. He kept a nervous distance and acted as if he might walk away but followed.

We rode the escalator to the second floor. He kept one step below me while he glanced about trying to figure my agenda and what he might get stuck buying. He also glanced furtively at my legs. He loosened up when I entered the lingerie section.

I went to the bras and flipped through the racks while he stood back smiling around as if he wasn't really with me. I went to him and told him.

"Do you see anything you want me to wear? My size is 34-B".

A sales lady came but I shooed her away. He was wandering toward sleep ware to escape when I called him back to examine a bra. It was an expensive one of satin and lace. I held it up for his observation. He nodded acquiesce and I moved to the panties and held different pairs in front for him to choose from. He selected a nylon bikini with lace. He was sheepish when given them to carry. He was thinking what next? I knew what. I picked up a garter belt and sheer nylons and announced.

"I’m done. I got what I need for our date, let's go."

I steered him to the cashier to pay. He pulled out his credit card, thought better and paid with cash. On the escalator ride down, carrying the bag, he asked.

"I’m going to see you wear these?"

Instead, not responding, I motioned him to follow to the Mall parking lot. Out of the Mall he walked closer. I walked briskly to my car, now a 914 Porsche, not a real Porsche but one at least with the logo.

He knew it was mine having seen me drive it at work. Its bucket seats rode low to the ground. I pulled open the door and sat down with my legs outside, the mini skirt pulled up high on my thighs. I let him leer as I took the package then swung my legs in, shut the door and rolled down the window.

He put his right hand on the door as if to restrain the car from escaping and asked again.

“Am I going to see you wear them?”

"Tonight at 8, I’ll meet you at the San Jose Airport Holiday Inn lounge. Get a room. If you behave, I’ll model for you."

"Are you going to model wearing what's in the bag?"

"Why do you think I selected them. Do they look like they’re for a half date?"

I started the car, sped off shifting gears and looked back in the rear-view mirror. He stood staring at my receding car. I smiled to my mirror. My guppy would come fluttering his tail.

At home by noon, I changed clothes, stashed my new acquisitions, hung the dress in the bathroom to air out and Hubby and I took the kids to our parents for our weekly BBQ. As we drove over, I thought how hubby no longer brought the subject of swinging up but suspected he still wanted to do it. Instead he hid in pornography, he was swinging with video tapes.

Back from the BBQ by 6 PM, the kids in the den watching TV I dropped my canard bomb. I told hubby I got a call earlier and had to rush to a work meeting to learn how to operate a new alignment machine. I didn’t ask if it was okay but simply said I had to go. Initially I was going to use the standard shopping ruse but decided the risk of his insisting on coming along with the kids was too great.

He was inquisitive but I explained work ran 24/7, Sunday evenings were one of the few times things slowed, the meeting was only a couple hours, and the engineer could only meet us alignment girls tonight. I’d be home at 10, away for only a couple of hours but didn’t want to say a specific time which might ensnare me later. It was best to stick to a couple hours as if grocery shopping.

He stayed in the bedroom while I got ready and was shocked when I came out of the bathroom wearing the garter belt and nylons, attire I’d never wore before. He noticed the new bra and panties too. Before he inquired about them I said.

“Do you like my new undies I got for you? Don’t get too turned on until I get back.”

While putting on makeup, he grilled me who the engineer was. Figuring it best to lie with partial truth and knowing a first name is near impossible to trace, I answered.

"Some nerd named Enrico, Mr. Enrico as he insists. A bald Italian guy, pushy too, but I don’t know much about him. I’ll tell you more when I get back."

He attempted an advance as I got up from my makeup desk but I told him.

“Wait, wait, I’m already late. The meeting will be over in a couple of hours.”

I slipped into the dress and heels and asked him to zip up the back. After zipping me up he pressed my buttocks to him and attempted to lift the dress hem. I pushed him away and said again I was late and told he could have it when I got back, went to the den and kissed the kids. They liked the smell of Shalimar.

Standing before the empty space where once there was a fish tank I thought of my new male guppy while putting on lip stick using my purse mirror. I also kept one eye on hubby flashing his tail. I pouted my red lips, rubbed them together to even out the color, let guppy hubby, cheek peck kiss and left at 7:30.

Out of the driveway and around the corner, I remembered my high school Desoto, its turning the corner away from home, the rush of freedom felt. After a year, young once more, Vixen in control, life was exciting again.

Author Notes: Out of control a wife plans to have an affair while taming a pushy engineer to act the way she wants.

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