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Chapter 41, Rushing Home to Betray Hubby
Chapter 41, Rushing Home to Betray Hubby

Chapter 41, Rushing Home to Betray Hubby

CobraElizabeth Lin Johnson

William wanted to tie up at the dock and have breakfast with me, but I told him to sail home. He wanted a kiss goodbye but I held up my wedding ring hand. He reached down and handed over my overnight bag and lunch basket. I told him I’d call when ready to sail again if he wanted to. He assured me he did.

He pulled out his pipe to do his smoke ritual. I turned away and walked to a seafood market. There I called for a cab and purchased two large crabs and salmon fillets.

When the cab dropped me off, I put my purchases in the refrigerator, stripped and took a long hot shower then brushed my teeth. It felt great to be home where there was room for everything to be properly sized. Quickly dressed and in the office by 10 AM, my absence alibi for not stopping by the office the day before was I took a sailing lesson and was considering buying a sailboat. No one asked further which meant they suspected something.

I left the office early to make a special dinner for hubby’s arrival. In the kitchen, I cracked the crab and put the meat in an elbow pasta casserole with grated cheeses, peas, mushrooms and a dash of onions then made a salad. With the salmon on the grill, I dashed upstairs, put on the unused nightie purchased for the boat trip, and a terry cloth robe over it.

I timed everything for hubby’s arrival. When he walked in the door, I handed him a glass of wine and told him to go upstairs and shower as we were having a treat to share.

He smelled the casserole, saw the grilled salmon and salad and assumed these were the treat and bent to kiss but I scolded him to shower first. While he showered, I turned off the stove and grill, went to our bed, drained my wine glass, took off the robe and sat on the edge of the bed, legs apart, facing the bathroom in my nightie sans brief. He came out naked holding his empty wine glass in one hand and a towel in the other. He smiled broadly.

His penis jerked alert. I told him I wanted its entering to be our first contact on his return, inched to the edge of the bed, lifted my nightie, raised my legs and spread them wide as he advanced. He followed instructions and our first contact was his penis touching my vulva lips as he slid into home base.

At home plate, I grasped my legs around him and pulled him hard down to me and kissed him, without a hint of an ashtray odor. We slithered high up on the bed and after a short burst of thrusting, climaxed together, his ejaculation our dessert before dinner.

We got up, half-dressed and scampered down the stairs. He played a towel snap tag with my rear the target as we descended. With another glass of wine, brier cheese and grapes, we enjoyed our casserole and salmon feast.

As he downed a grape he said.

"Gee, I always look forward to coming home".

"You better want to come home to me. I’ll always be waiting for you."

It was said without a sense of betrayal, which revealed the depth of it.

Author Notes: Wife comingles two men without sense of guilt.

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About The Author
Elizabeth Lin Johnson
About This Story
30 Dec, 2018
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2 mins
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