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Character Information

Character Information

By Mentally Mina

Falling For You

Alista: trust issues, introvert, nice, caring, innocence that got ruined. Relationship: Brett. Siblings: Aline and Grayson. Heartbreaks: two (Cody and Elijah). Friends: Ashlin, Amanda, Bayli. Age: 19 1/2

Cody: abusive, mean, cheater. Relationship: none. Siblings: none. Heartbreaks: none (he the heartbreaker). Friends: Malek and his other friends. Age: 20

Brett: Kind, supposedly dead, introvert, is a ex professor. Relationship: Alista. Siblings: Maverik and Leyann. Heartbreaks: one. Friends: Malek, Mark, Addison. Age: 26

Ina: sweet, cute, childish (um, duh, she a kid), innocent, understanding. Siblings: none (only child.. for now). Friends: none. Age: 3 1/2

Grayson: childish, introvertish, trust issues. Relationship: none. Siblings: Alista, Aline, and the secret child. Friends: Aline. Age: 29.

Aline: kind, annoying at times, protective, extrovert. Reationship: Giana (yall will meet her soon maybe). Siblings: Grayson and Alista. Friends: Grayson. Age: 26.

Protected By Murderers

Zariha: nice, tough, trust issues. Relationship: Vanya. Siblings: None. Friends: none. Age: 26

Vanya: annoying, overprotective, has a poker face. Relationship: multiple (not romantically). Siblings: none. Friends: none. Age: 34 (dam he old)

Lev: cries a lot. Age: 11 1/2 months old

Viktor: pervertish, nice, weird humor, gothish. Age: 28

A New Friend

Deigo: Spanish, demon-fae, loving, not a cheater. Relationship: Timka. Siblings: none. Friends: none. Age: 22

Timka: emotionally abused, introvert, awesome fashion, emotion, Fallen demon fae. Relationship: Deigo. Siblings: dead brother. Friends: Anita, Jimena, Javier (ha-v-air). Age: 18 ig

The Childrens Home

Ana: nice, caring, short tempered. Relationship: none. Siblings: Andrew. Friends: none. Age: 17.

Andrew: protective. Siblings: Ana. Friends: none. Age: 22.


Zara: caring, bad past. Relationship: Lucas (lulu). Siblings: I don't remember. Age: 22

Author Notes: I'll edit later! :)

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Mentally Mina
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3 Jun, 2021
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1 min
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