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Charles au Basilic 2
Charles au Basilic 2

Charles au Basilic 2

enigmaticflamingoMother Goose

Chapter 3: The Basilica

Charles crossed a small part of the forest in one night. Dawn was rising from the other side of the valleys. The sun warmed him and drove away the dark and nasty night. He was walking down a clearing when he heard grunts. Believing that an animal or beast was injured, he ran to see a disgusting beast with a horrible and venomous smell. It had no ears, two nostrils without a nose, and a slit mouth with horrible teeth, large wings, a robust body covered with scales, and claw-clad feet. He recognized the basilica spoken of in Breton legends. A ferocious, disgusting, and venomous monster that everyone feared. He thought that if he could kill this thing, he would gain his honor. He rushed forward, and with his sword plunged on the back of the beast. The sword did not even scratch the basilica. The monster, furious of having been attacked in this way, turned around. Four times higher than Charles, he embalmed his putrid breath on our poor knight who was stunned. The monster began to attack him and run after him. The brave knight tried to protect himself with his shield with great difficulty. Suddenly, he had a great idea. Since the skin and scales could not be pierced, it had to be hit in the eye. He uttered a loud cry to catch the monster's attention, and as soon as he turned his head, threw his sword into his right eye. The basilica screamed in pain and, having emptied of its venomous blood, fell to the ground, dead. Charles victorious, took out his sword from the bloody eye of the beast and brandished it high, proud of what he had just accomplished. He left the beast there and tore off a shell, as proof that someone had put an end to the reign of this terror. He rode off to spend the night in a nearby tavern.

Chapter 4: Ostrogotho and his cottage

Hunger and thirst were beginning to eat at Charles. He felt weak, tired, and hungry. His quest exhausted him and he wanted only one thing, a bed and a comfortable home. Suddenly, as if God had listened to his prayer, he saw a cottage in a nearby clearing. A big smile appeared on his lips and he ordered his horse to gallop to the modest home. It was made of a wood like oak, but even darker. Through the small holes in the wall serving as windows, thin, he tried to look in ... He got off his horse and decided to knock on the door. An old man, small and bent over himself, opened. He says:

-Hello boy, who are you?

-I am Charles, a knight of the court of the Petrus family of Ausonius. And you? What's your name?

-Ostrogotho. This cottage is mine. Do you need something?

-Yes, I'm looking for a place to spend the night and refuel.

-Enter my boy! You can spend the night at my home and eat a good meal. The next morning, I'll show you where to go ... Tie your horse and come, Ostrogotho announced sneakily.

-I do not know how thank you! He shouted, leaving to tie

his horse before entering the little cottage. A fire was crackling in the corner and a jug of wine was sitting on one table in the other. Ostrogotho turned and said:

-That's where you'll sleep, pointing to a cover. The fire will warm you up during the night! Ostrogotho said.

-Thank you a lot Ostrogotho. Can I help you with something? He asked.

-No, no ... Everything is fine, so rest yourself while I warm the bread.

Charles layed down on the cover and closed his eyes. He dreamed of Aude, and of the day he could finally save her and marry her. He also dreamed of his exploits as when he had killed the basilica. Suddenly, he was awakened by the sounds of the rain and the storm outside. He got up and walked to the table. He sat down, drank his wine and ate his bread. Ostrogotho said to him:

-Do you know the basilica? The venomous and invincible monster.

-Yes ... He said thinking he was talking about his feat.

-Well, you'll never guess ... Someone killed him! This beast was killed! All the better, it frightened all the neighboring population!

-I—I did that, he said softly.

-Really? Everyone thanks you so much! It's really a feat to kill such a beast ...

-Thank you, I did it for my survival and for the safety of the people around.

Charles then slept like a child. He was so exhausted that he collapsed with fatigue on the cover.

The next day, Ostrogotho got up and woke Charles. The old man was preparing breakfast. The young knight was still a little tired and half dozing when he heard something weird, scary ... He listened and heard Ostrogotho mutter:

"Ha, ha ... I'll give him the wrong way to lose himself forever in the woods! Ha, ha ... "

This frightened Charles, and as soon as Ostrogotho left the room where he went to fetch provisions, he jumped before him and said:

-So, now you want me to lose myself forever in the forest? Dirty traitor!

Charles, brimming with rage, took out his sword. Ostrogotho, white of fear says:

-N—no ... W—what makes you say that?

-Do not take me for a donkey, I heard you!

-You are right, I'm sorry! Do not kill me please!

The knight took pity on Ostrogotho and laid down his weapon. He asked him:

-Why did you want me to get lost in these woods?

-I have always done evil said Ostrogotho, I am a sorcerer, a friend of the basilica itself! What can I do to be forgiven? I know these woods by heart, ask me where you want to go and I will guide you there without problem!

-Very well, he said, you see, I want to go to the castle of Eudes le Bel, an old knight. Do you know where to go?

-Eudes the Bel! He reigns terror on the city of Castelnaud-la-Chapelle where he lives. He took power and abused the poor and the women! Of course, I will help you!

Charles realized that poor Aude should be really badly treated by Eudes and his guards ... He decided and said:

-Okay, tell me where to go and I'll kill that coward!

-So, from this small clearing, if you go north, and go straight on in the north, you will see a sea and turn right and continue straight. You will follow a dirt road, which will take you to Castelnaud-la-Chapelle.

-Thank Ostrogotho, I forgive you.

He took his horse, said one last time goodbye to Ostrogotho, and left.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed! Go check out my latest spooky story, "Cemetery Caroline"!

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Mother Goose
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13 May, 2019
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