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Charles Au Basilic 3
Charles Au Basilic 3

Charles Au Basilic 3

enigmaticflamingoMother Goose

Chapter 5: The castle of Eudes le Bel

The brave knight continued his journey towards the sea. After two days of endless road with perhaps only two hours of rest, he reached the village. He quenched his thirst and rested a little. After a nap, he got up, took his horse and went through some very dense forest in which he could hardly pass. Finally, he came out on the dirt road where he could barely see. He knew he was close to Castelnaud-la-Chapelle. He was so happy to be so close to the village that he ordered his horse to gallop. The horse galloped an hour before collapsing to the ground, dead tired. Yes, Charles was not the only one who needed rest and food. He was impatient, and had to pay for it. He continued the road on foot which annoyed him even more. Night fell, it was cold, and his armor weighed on his back. Fortunately, the village was not too far so he forced himself to run to the doors. He saw the village in the distance with the castle standing in the middle. He entered the citadel, the houses were colorful and the markets all closed. He stepped into the dark, silent streets. Suddenly, he saw a glow in an alley. He approached to see the lanterns that illuminated the doors of the castle. The door was slightly ajar and with a lot of effort he managed to get in. He checked that guards did not see him around. None were present and he entered the Great Hall. He searched hard for Aude trying to make as little noise as possible. He nearly dropped some vases and slammed doors. He realized that no one seemed to occupy the place: no guard or servants around. Desperate, he wondered where Aude was? Had Eudes sent her elsewhere? Suddenly, he realized that he forgot to check in the dungeon ... He ran down the stone staircase and arrived in front of the solid wood door. He opened it and saw her, asleep deeply. A candle lit up the scene. He approached her and woke her up. She got scared and said:

-Who are you? Do not hurt me!

-Do not worry Aude, he said, I'm coming to save you. I am Charles, a knight who serves for your father, Lord Petrus.

-Oh! I do not know how to thank you, it's been at least a month that I am locked in this dirty dungeon. Eudes le Bel wants to force me to marry him, I'm seventeen, he's fifty! Get me out of here quickly!

The brave knight took Aude out of the dungeon and told her to make the least noise. She followed him, remaining as quiet as possible. Suddenly, he heard a noise. He ordered Aude to stay hidden near the stairs and he stepped forward, brandishing his sword. He turned to see Eudes near the hearth holding a sword in his hand. He says:

- Aha! Charles, it had been a long time since I had seen you! I see that you came to recover the beautiful Aude ...

-Yes! And I intend to fight to the death for her!

-So, let's do that ... Let's fight until we die. If I lose, you take Aude. If I beat you, she stays to me! announced Eudes le Bel.

-Never! denied the princess ...

-I accept! said Charles, unfolding his sword.

They fought for a long time. Sparks flew and vases broke. The battle was fierce and fierce, both wanted Aude and battled hard for her. Charles was wounded in the arm, and Aude nearly crippled. Finally, Charles assassinated Eudes by pushing his sword to the hilt. His mouth gaped, and he fell to the ground, dead.

Chapter 6: Finally Saved ...

Aude and Charles were walking on the dirt track. It was hot now, and both were exhausted. They walked for two days before reaching the creek. There they rested and resumed their journey the next day.

The inhabitants had learned the exploits of the courageous knight, and thanked him warmly and offered him some food for his trip with Aude.

Aude was excited to finally find her parents, Charles, happy to marry her. They went back through Ostrogotho’s cottage to rest before the trip. The old man also gave them a mule to move, this beast less noble than a real horse but that would do the trick. After 2 days of travel on the mule, they arrived in the seigniory of Ausonius. They were close to the goal and both were delighted to soon find their home. When they arrived at the castle gate, they called the guards and tried to get someone's attention in the castle, to no avail. Suddenly, two guards who were doing their rounds heard them and opened. Their eyes were wide-opened and their mouths dropping with surprise. One of the two told to the other:

-Go search for the lord and his wife! Tell them to come to this moment! Aude and Charles are back!

Aude and Charles shone with happiness, after this last fright.

After a few minutes of waiting, we saw Lady Cassandra and Lord Petrus running away to welcome them. Aude ran into her mother's arms, while Lord Petrus congratulated Charles! They all cried with tears, happy to have met again. Lord Petrus says:

-Thank Charles! My wife and I do not know how to thank you!

-Wrong! said Lady Cassandra. We promised him to marry our daughter, Aude!

Aude willingly agreed to marry the young man who had saved her. A great celebration was prepared for the wedding of Aude and Charles. They married and lived a perfect love ...

Epilogue: Good night

I finished my breathless story and the voice filled with emotion ... Someone in the crowd said to me:

-Is it finished? We will know nothing about the story of Aude and Charles?

-No, I replied, all we know is that they lived happily ever after.

The king stood up and said:

-Your story was remarkable! We will call on you a second time to tell us such a tale!

-Very well, but now I'm going to another castle or village to tell other stories. Good night.

I got up and left the room. I crossed the cold, dark corridors of the castle and passed the exit. I looked behind me one last time before going in the dark.

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed! I have a new scary story coming soon...

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