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Charlie Sampson

Charlie Sampson

By Teddie

Charlie Sampson was one of the smartest kids at James Monroe High School. He was a future engineer and was a medical marvel. If something wasn't given to him, well... he would earn it with hard work and being better than anyone else.

It was the first period of the day and Charlie had English. He was at his locker getting his books and binder. He had semi-long brown hair and brown eyes that if you stared at long enough it was like you were in trance. They just stared at you and you would be trapped. He also wore a blue polo and khakis.

Jamison Reynolds his locker neighbor had just showed and was panting. "You run here again?" asked Charlie. Jamison quickly got his locker open and got all his books and binders for English. "Yeah, my dad and I got stuck in the rotary again and it's only a one lane road after that. I'm getting road rage and I'm the passenger here." he said. Jamison had short brown hair blue eyes. He wore a brown sweatshirt and jeans. They went into class together as the bell rings for the beginning of classes.

The bell rings again as the school day has ended the once silent halls are now filled with screaming and hyperactive teenagers. Charlie gets to his locker as quickly as possible to avoid all the commotion. He looks in his agenda for his homework and grabs the books he needs. But a kid walking by knocks the books out of his hands. "What the hell's wrong with you?!?" said his friend laughing.

"I didn't mean to he got in my way." said the kid.

"You could have helped him."

"No way! Why don't you help him?" responded the kid.

"I don't want to."

Charlie picks up his books glaring at the kid who knocked them down. "Dumbass" mumbled Charlie. He packed his backpack up and went on his way out the backdoor.

On the next morning Charlie sits in his English class which is his homeroom and first period class. He copies down the notes that would be normally done during the beginning of class. Jamison comes in to the classroom and is earlier than normal and seems to be in a good mood. He sits in the seat next to Charlie. "Hey, Charles what is up?" said the elated Jamison.

"Why so happy today?" asked Charlie taking a moment away from the notes on the white board. Jamison puts his English book under his seat. "Finally I'm early I don't have to worry about being tardy. Don't have to run people over just to get here on time." he said. Charlie continues on with his notes as Jamison opens up his binder and starts to write them down before class so he doesn't have to later.

The bell rings again as school has ended again. Kids fill hallway so much it's nearly impossible to walk any where. Charlie looks in his agenda again and gets all the books he needs for homework. When all the sudden the same kid bumps into him again, knocking all his books down, again. "Dude you just did it again" said his friend looking back laughing.

"Don't look back maybe he won't see us this time." said the kid.

His friend though couldn't look away from Charlie's eyes. The rage and fire that emulated from them seem to hit him and stun him. He was no longer laughing but frozen in fear. He still walked but his facial expression is still and can't look away.

Charlie smiles back now as Jamison interrupts the uncomfortable staring session. "Do we have any math homework?" said Jamison in frustration.

Charlie finishes putting his stuff in his bag. "Yeah, it's 23-35, page 435. You don't look as happy as you did earlier."

"When you think a day is going well. Let High School ruin it for you. It's messed up. When you think your day is going to be bad, suddenly it's a good one. Telling you it's f'd up." replied Jamison.

Around 9:00 pm the two kids that mess with Charlie have just come from a movie theater decide to walk through an alley way for a short cut way home. "That movie sucked, man." said the kid.

"Tell me about it. I hate it when they only show the two good scenes in the whole movie in the trailer and make you think it's good. But in actuality... it sucks." said his friend.

Sudden the kid stops and nudges his friend on the shoulder as someone blocks the exit to the alley way. "Hey! Dude! Can you move?" commanded the kid. The man doesn't, in fact he does the opposite and starts to move toward the kids. He reveals that he is also another kid smaller. His face is hidden in the shadows. "Would you like to say anything like a prayer, maybe a request from help?" asked the mysterious person. "Why would I want to do that? Get out of our way, kid." With a sudden motion the mysterious kid reveals he has a hammer and whacks his friend in the head the pointed side. He falls to the ground as the kid starts screaming in horror. "What the hell, man! I'm sorry ok. I'm sorry, just please don't kill me." cried the kid. The mysterious kid comes out of the shadows and reveals his face. "You! If this is about the your books it's no big deal. We can work it out."

"Sorry." In one swing the hammer ends another life. Another scream comes from the end of the alleyway. He turns around and sees Jamison in utter shock. "Charlie what the hell is this all about!" he screams in horror.

"Their after me Jamison." said Charlie in a desperate tone.

"Who's after you? A gang? Is that why you killed those kids."

"Not just them. It's everyone... everyone is against us. My parents, the police, my teachers, and the government is all after me." said Charlie.

"Are you ok, man. You been having a rough few nights or what." said Jamison calming Charlie down.

Charlie calms down and collapses in Jamison's hands crying. "Come on we'll take you home." said Jamison.

Hours pass and it's 11:00 pm. Charlie sits in his room doing homework as sirens are heard outside. Red and blue lights flicker in the window. Charlie looks out, police cars are lined up. The neighbors all outside wondering what's going on. Charlie starts to freak out again and starts screaming at everyone. "I told you Jamison! They we're after me all a long. I knew I wasn't crazy and now that you have come to me I will have to kill you all. Every last one of you." he said.

"Son, we just want to talk to you. Are your parents home?" said a cop. Charlie doesn't listen and climbs down his house and comes after the police with his hammer. A cop takes out his gun from his holster and shoots him down.

A week later at his funeral family members and friends stand in silence as the casket is buried into the ground. The cop that shot Charlie shows up and stops Jamison who wanted to see Charlie for the last time. "Are you Jamison Reynolds?" asked the cop. Jamison nods his head because he is to choked up. "Thanks for calling us that night. Who knows what he would have done." said the cop as he leaves and lets the funeral finish.

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About This Story
12 Feb, 2013
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6 mins
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