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Once upon a time, in a village far far away, friendships meant a lot to people and they were so afraid of losing them that they put all their friendships in a treasure chest, together with all their precious memories which they had with their friends.

Once a year, everyone in the village will come together to open their treasure chests, for the Lord to see how well they've been doing in the past year. A year passed. Another passed. Year after year, people started to notice this young boy, whose amount of friendships in his treasure chest remained at 3. However, the amount of memories in the box kept on increasing, which was a stark contrast to the other villagers, who had lots of friendships in the box, but almost no memories. However, no one has bothered speaking up to ask him why, so everyone kept quiet. With the passing of each year, the boy slowly grew up, and everyone noticed that his memories were overflowing from the box, but the amount of friendships he has still remained at 3.

Finally, one woman asked the boy, why does he have so little friendships. The boy replied, “Why is it a must to have many friendships? Sometimes, your true friends are worth much more than 100 friends, as they are the only ones who will love you when you forget to love yourself, they are the only ones that will stand by you in times of trouble, even if it is just us against the world. They also accept you for who you are, never judging you based on what you do. These, real friends, are what you and I really need.”

Another man asked the boy, why does he have so many memories? The boy replied, “Our days are limited, spending them with those that you truly love as friends, are the most important, and it’s only when you treasure the time spent with them, then can you make memories, which will last forever, even as your friends slowly start to leave you.”

Do not be too ambitions in forging new friendships with new people, that you forget to cherish the old ones, and the memories you've made with them. There is always time for your loved ones, no matter how busy you are. Cherish them, for they are the ones you truly care about.

Author Notes: My apologies, this is my first time writing something like this so it may be kinda bad? I'll try my best.

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31 Aug, 2017
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