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A Child Again

A Child Again

By Hobo

A Child Again

Woe is the wanderer went to go

To roam and know to get to sow

Too many miles yet still to go

Woe is the wonderer gone to go

The world was a fairytale long ago

Till beasts became so burdened so

And dreams grew thin and stuttered slow

And fairytales melted into snow

He spoke in riddles puzzling parts

Of once foundations built in hearts

And smelled the whisky on their breath

As they cheered and jeered his hopes to death

The silent murmurs meld like steel

In tinfoil laughter thin to feel

And touch begrudges what is real

Them cotton eyelids ferrissed wheel

My skin like tables wiped each night

From sudden spillage random fight

I wonder thoughtful out of sight

Counting seconds till daylight

Woe is the fairytale ended fast

The hero dead the moment passed

As villains vanquish times to last

And endings end in ruins glassed

No thought no more no less no good

No splinter in the heart I would

Exchange a decade if I could

For an hour as an infant child again

Woe is the wanderers mighty brain

That knows of pain and shame and stain

Who wonders so to not remain

But to become a child again

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24 Feb, 2017
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1 min
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