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Child of the Moon

Child of the Moon

By Oxygen

I wake up gasping for air. I find my self in the woods under a tree. The sun is rising behind the mountains. I have no clue where I am just like every other night. I must have had another blackout. I stand up and brush off some dirt and leaves. I look around, all I see is trees and the sun. then some tracks in the dirt caught my eye... Human tracks leading to my spot. I cannot tell if they are my own or someone else's. I walk for several hours until I hear some people talking. I look behind a tree and see a village. There is nobody outside. I knock on one of the doors and a grandmother appears. I ask her if I could stay with her. She accepts. Her name is Hilda. Hilda asks me my age and name.

" I'm 15 years old and my name is....."

I couldn't remember. I realize I have never known my name. Hilda looks at me and says.

"I will call you Leila. In Arabic, it means as dark as the night, just like your hair. "

" I like that."

We settle down near the fire. She hands me a cup of tea. It is warm and delicious. She also offers me a plate of meat and vegetables. I savagely eat the meat but do not touch the vegetables. I adore the taste of meat in my mouth. I especially love goat and sheep. When we are finished I ask:

" why is there nobody outside?"

"It's wolf season. There have been sightings of wolfs around here. They have killed our sheep and goats. We can never find them though. "

"Is it dangerous to be outside? Do they eat human?"

"We don't know."

I look out the window now self-conscious and scared. Hilda comforted me and told me we were safe. She showed me my room and bid me good night. I lay in bed watching the sunset. I feel tingles inside of me. I look in the mirror, my eyes have yellow circles in them. My hair is turning longer and longer. I notice hair on my arms and legs that are black and fluffy. The last thing I saw before I black out is the full moon in the sky.

I wake up the next morning panting and tired. There are tufts of fur all around me. I notice blood on my arm. I decide to go take a walk. I walk out the front door and see 20 men marching out of the village with swords and axes. They are hunters, wolf hunters. They are setting out to kill the wolf. I keep on walking in the forest until I see tracks. They are wolf tracks. I follow them. They are patched with blood and there is flesh scattered around. I keep on following only to discover they merge into human footprints. I look up and I see that the tracks lead to my window. Then the truth hits me. I am the wolf. I understand now why I have blackouts only during wolf season. I understand why I never remember my name and the incident from last night. It also explains why I love meat so much. I rush into the house only to find Hilda dead on the ground ripped to pieces. I am shocked and scared. I am a monster. I run out into the forest crying really hard. I gasp as I see the sun setting. I run faster and harder trying to get as far away as possible from the village, but it is too late I feel myself changing. I fight against it but I black out only to wake up the next morning covered in fur.

I run back to the village only to see the wolf hunters all dead sharing the same fate as Hilda. I run as fast as I can. I run for hours and then I reach a river. I stop to drink. I hear a twig snap behind me. I turn around and I see a man. He says:

" Come with me. there are others like you."

His eyes glow yellow for a little bit, the same as mine do every night. I gasp.

"Are you one too? Are you like me part wolf at night?"

"Yes. My names Jake. "

We walk together as he tells me about a secret underground castle where all the other children of the moon are. He shows me a trap door in the ground. We enter and I see a giant room with a fire in the middle. There are curtains dividing the room into smaller spaces. Each little space has a hammock and pillows.

"What is this place?"

"Your new home."

"Does anybody else live here?"

"Oh yes! 5 more people, and they are all your sisters and brothers."

"I have siblings? are you one of them?"


"Where are our parents?"

"Our mother is here, our father was killed by hunters."

"Is our mother half wolf too?"

"Yes. We go out every night with her to run in the wild. Sometimes we kill. She will teach how to live and be the wolf."

Then a woman enters the room. Her eyes are the same as mine and my brother's.

"Welcome daughter."

I am shocked. She looks just like me.

"Come it is time to run."

"But the wolf...."

"Every night you try to hold back from the wolf. Am I right?"


"And you black out every night and never remember anything?"


"Tonight let yourself be the wolf, and you will be able to control it, you will be a wolf."

She turns into a wolf and so does Jake. Then I see the rest of the pack, my brothers and sisters. I turn into one myself. I feel myself changing. At first, I hold back fighting it, then I remember " Be the Wolf" I let myself turn into one. I feel pure. We run out the trap door. We ran through the night. I jump between rock between trees and grass. I feel like a real wolf. We stop at a cliff and howl. I feel at home and I feel safe.

Author Notes: Story inspire by a episode I saw. Not many people right stories from the animals/monster's perspective, so I thought I would do that. Hope you guys enjoyed.

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About This Story
9 Mar, 2019
Read Time
5 mins
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