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The Dragon of the Deep
The Dragon of the Deep

The Dragon of the Deep


My friend and I walked on the shiny, black floor into the glass hallway filled with fish of all colors swimming on the other side. The water was a deep blue and caused a cool glow, it was calming.

My name's Kye and my friend is Torin. He's got thick, dark hair, seaweed green eyes, a light tan, and teeth. In case you thought he didn't have teeth. On our trip Torin wore a black sweater that had the words "T.G.I.F. Thank God I'm Flawless" plastered on the fabric of it. And jeans. Just jeans. A blue, one buttoned, zippered up pair of jeans. Jeans. As for me I've got the brownest of brown locks of hair, just hazel eyes, and the most beautiful birthmark in the entire world; a small dot above my left eyebrow. It doesn't sound like too much but honestly it's way more than "too much". As for my stunning attire, I've got a white T-shirt and... jeans. How original.

Torin and I continued down the path of the aquarium, side by side, glancing at the other visitors. I watched as the father of a red headed girl in a yellow skirt picked her up onto his bulky shoulders to get a better look at a massive catfish swimming against the glass. Another family stopped to stare at a school of danios, flowing along in a big group. Suddenly Torin stopped. He looked frustrated.

"Where. The. Heck. Are all of the penguins?" He asked, looking around again.

"I'm pretty sure there aren't gonna be any penguins in an aquarium," I pointed out, "But if I see one I'll let you know."

"They could be hiding them somewhere..."


"The people who're hiding the penguins."

"If you wanted to see penguins then we could've gone to the zoo."

He started walking again and veered to the side, looking out into the blue water.

"If I wanted to go to the zoo then I would've asked to go to the zoo," he continued.

"Okay. So stop complaining about there being no penguins and just try to act like you actually care that I'm trying to give my best friend a great birthday."

"I'm not complaining."

"You were complaining."

"You're the one who's complaining about me complaining."


"Anyways," he started, "Thanks. I guess it's a pretty great birthday... despite there being no penguins."

He mumbled that last part pretty quickly but I didn't want to argue.

It was about two hours when we started heading back towards the entrance. We didn't end up seeing any penguins but we did get a lot of great photos. I don't really know what we'd do with the photos but we have them just in case. There was a flicker in the lights. On, off, on, off, on. Nobody else seemed to notice so I pushed it wayyyyy back in my mind but not too far away in case somebody did notice it. Then it happened again. On, off, on, off, on... off. Now people began to notice. Murmurs and shuffling, people began walking to the exit. Not exactly panicked, there was still the glow of the water after all. Torin and I started speeding up. I wasn't sure if it was just me but I had a bad feeling after the second flicker.

"No penguins and a power outage," I laughed, "Still having a pretty great birthday?"

"Meh," Torin chuckled as well, "I've had worse."

Ironically, as if to make matters worse there was a high pitch cracking noise. And then a scream. No hesitation, we spun around to see the glass cracking slowly, water escaping while it could, forcing itself out until the glass gave out.


The right side broke down as the water whirled out. The water from the first side flew into the other causing it to smash into a million pieces as well. Instead of one scream there seemed to be dozens instead of speed walking there was rushing and pushing, hearts racing, survival mode activated; everyone for themselves.

"I hope you can swim!" Torin called to me, "'Cause I can't!"

I wanted to roll my eyes, how could he still be making jokes? I grabbed his arm and we ran to the exit. And by "ran" I mean we were shoving kids to the ground, making people fall like dominos. It was chaos. It felt like a race. After Torin saw me shove a child mercilessly he started to pitch in too. He buttbumped a mother into her child, a husband into his wife, and just about anyone he could reach.

"Just shove the people in our way, Toe ring!" I ordered, "You're just attacking random people!"

"Toe ring?" he said, offended, "TOE RING?"

"Sorry," I shrugged.


I let out a laugh. Not the time I reminded myself. How far away was that exit? My question was answered shortly after as we neared the staircase to the opening. It was the first step when I looked up… there was no opening. Just a concrete wall.

“H-How…” I stuttered, “That wasn’t there before.”
“We can find another way.” Torin assured me, “C’mon.”

We turned around and ran back to the glass. There were people sitting on the highest step waiting for the water to rise. Torin began breaking more of the window of glass until it shattered and there was a big enough hole for us to fit through. Water started pouring out like a little water. We paused only for a second, took a deep breath… and swam into the waters of the aquarium.

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16 Sep, 2021
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4 mins
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