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A Child's Dream

A Child's Dream

By fairaie1234

Once there was a girl called Amy. She lived with her father in a huge house in the middle of london. The year was 1918, The war has finaly come to an end and everyone was in the streets celebrating. Everyone, but Amy. Amy's father has not returned home from the frontline yet and she is starting to worry. One day Amy gets a letter. the letter was from her father's regiment explaining that her father would be home soon and that he has been awarded a medal for not deserting the army and for staying put the whole way through the war. A few days later after the letter arrived, Amy was sat at the window daydreaming, she dreamed that her father was left to die in a hole in the ground. Amy was still daydreaming when there was a knock at the door, Amy soon snapped out of her dream and got up to answer the door hoping it was her father, But it wasn't her father. It was a younger man who must have been in his late teens early 20's. The young man explained to Amy that the plane, that had been carrying her father and some other british soldiers, was hit by a stary bomb and it crashed killing everyone on-board. A silent tear rolled down poor Amy's cheek like a dew drop on a petal. The young man turned to leave when Amy finaly spoke out. She said "Why did there have to be a war? Why did father have to go? Iwant my father!" After what Amy had said the man was no longer a man, but a boy once more. he came back up the path and hugged Amy. After he had hugged her she invited him in for a drink, he decinded the offer, but Amy persisted until he gave in. After a while the man said he must go. He to has family to greive over for they died of starvation. Once the man had left, Amy went back to her window seat to think. A few hours later there was another knock at the door, this time it was her mother, dressed all in black. Her mother told Amy to go and make her a hot drink and to set the table for dinner.

I didn't have much time today so here is the story so far, if you wish to read more, comment and i will write part two. thanks, don't forget to rate this story.

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13 Feb, 2012
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2 mins
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