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A Child's Innocence

A Child's Innocence

By HeavensGame

I was walking from my friends house at nine i was late and i was singing jingle bells as christmas is coming as you know and i love christmas with all those gifts i hope my grandpa brings me america doll i love those. I was Walking and skipping singing slowly "jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way-" i heard a sound of someones car i looked back and at the second the car lights blinded my eyes then i felt a strong hand cold and shaky grip hold of me the last thing i saw was the doors closing behind me, i was scared these monsters laughing and looking at me "mom dad help me help me" i squirmed out. a guy put his big hand over my mouth and put a knife at my neck i was crying the tears crawled down my cheek to my chin "No please, let me go mama papa."i managed.
At that moment i was frozen they were doing something to me why why why. Its christmas were's everyone. Then i felt someone throw me out of the car down a hill into a cellar. Next day i found myself dead why why it was christmas and im only 9 why did i die. WHY....

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About This Story
11 Jun, 2011
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1 min
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