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They say love is a choice to make. But we can’t choose the person who will be falling in love with us. It’s fate and destiny will lead us to that person. Falling in love is easy. But staying in love has lot more complicated. Staying is always a choice to make.

Relationship is a like a practice until married. Love like you are married, It could be unfair to say but woman always carry the relationship into goodness of her partner. What a man sees in you will be reflections of your actions, show him you are worth every love in the world that he was lucky having you. Change is inevitable. Believed in your partner, support him for his dreams, hug him in the midst of rejections don’t argue about the result of his wrong decisions. It’s okay. Failure and mistakes is part of our life that will thought us to be strong. Don’t give up. Be his shoulder to cry on, gives him light and hope in every failure.

Successful man is a woman behind that becomes his rock. A woman who never fails to believe in ability. Those are priceless.

We need to grow up and change our self and prospective to see the blessings in front of us. Don’t look for happiness in things. Find happiness in what you have and unto your inner peace. Show your partner you can do better together, you can do great things together and you can succeed together. Never stop believing in the things you both can do. All suffering and hard work has great cost. Stop looking for what others have. Instead. Be more focus on your own dreams the things makes you see life is wonderful.

Fall in love in simple life, a life can extend blessings to other,

a life with peace to family, relative and friends,

a life that sees goodness in other people, a life that full of humility,

a life who understands people needs,

a life with compassion that lives in grace of God every day,

A life teaches to love even the people is not so lovable,

a life that pray for those people who hurt us and forgive even though you don’t hear them sorry.

God is us. God loves us in the midst of suffering, he wants to mold us the way we fallow Jesus in these life. Always weighing what’s on earth thing and what is for heavenly.

We will be surely prosper when we forget our life titles and be one with the people who is must need love and attentions. Let's bring hope to those people who did not know God. Those people swallow by evil doing. Let's bring light in those people living in darkness.

Author Notes: You can make difference in one person life. You can let him see the beauty in life.
Choose to follow Jesus in heavenly purpose.

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9 Nov, 2020
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2 mins
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