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Christmas Day Santa Claus Came to My House

Christmas Day Santa Claus Came to My House

By airizarry

Christmas Day
I awoke one morning to hear a boisterous detonation. I became fanatically anxious. I asked myself: “What could that sound be?” From my bed up top, I could feel the pulsation of the flooring shaking. I jumped out of bed quietly, hiding behind the door of my room, peeking my head out to see any existence of a person.
No one was here.
Could I have been day dreaming? Replied Samuel.
I inaudibly opened the door, and start to stroll down the hallway towards my right. From a distance peeking from the side panel from the kitchen, I can see the living room, with the beautiful decorated Christmas tree, with innumerable amount of presents. This Christmas tree was sophisticatedly dressed, from bottom to top, filled with decorations from last Christmas, ones from Dad’s colleagues. I venerate the setup of the gift wrapping. The gifts look so professionally wrapped.
But then a strange sound startled me.
I look carefully and saw a man in red.
Softly I bewildered at the fact that Santa Claus had come to my house to deliver presents.
Here stood a man about six feet tall, with big black boots, and a stunning hat.
His read coat and pants were red, clear as blood. His boots stood out to me. I couldn’t believe how gigantic his feet were. By examining his shoe size, I had an approximation that he was almost a size seven boot. The boots were very opaque. Every time, he would turn around to deliver more presents around the tree, I would gulp nervously.
I was afraid if he saw me he would be scared.

I ran back to my room, closed the door and went to sleep.
“I knew I wasn’t day dreaming, Santa Claus is real”.

I just witnessed Santa Claus on Christmas Day!

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20 Dec, 2011
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