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Christmas Eve and Me
Christmas Eve and Me

Christmas Eve and Me

BeowulfAnthony E

It was Christmas Eve and I was Home Alone, so I decided to watch Home Alone. A couple of raccoons got into my koi pond and stole a fish, those wet bandits were definitely not playing koi.

I got a call from Clarice, she lives on Candy Cane Lane and she thinks I'm cute. Clarice was going to come over with her brother Ernie. I needed them to help me assemble a 1,000 piece lego set of the Polar Express, but they decided not to come because Ernie doesn't like to make toys. I would go over to their house, but their door bell doesn't work, not sure why they can't hear the bell.

Finding a friend to spend Christmas Eve with was as difficult as finding a talking Narwhal. I decided to go to a bar, because the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to sing karaoke for all to hear. more to come---send me funny ideas and i'll include them,,,A Christmas Story, Scrooged? It's a Wonderful Life? anything is fair game...

Author Notes: Story that blends holiday movie favorites into one plot, far from done, send me suggestions and I will include them.

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Anthony E
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10 Dec, 2021
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