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Christmas Nightmare

Christmas Nightmare

By katie64

Tyler had just got home from his late work, he had just walked in and flopped on the bed and sat there. Eventually he started thinking about what day it was.
It was Christmas.
It is Christmas he thoght. He hated Christmas. Not because he was jewish or he was one of those wierd people who hated all things merry- he would like Christmas if the bad thing hadn't happened, in fact he'd most likely be out of the house and party-ing right now- but some thing happend to him when he was litt- ''NO'' he suddenly screamed, he hated thinking about it, it was painful- everything he loved the most was gone that day when he was five years old.
He sighed and got up to get changed. The thing was he still haddn't gotten over it yet he wasn't sure anybody would he thought as he pulled his T-shirt over his head.
He went to his bed and burrowed into the covers and soon fell asleep.
(Christmas Day when Tyler was 5.)
Tyler hopped out of bed and ran down the hall to his Moms room.
''Mommy, mommy'' he yelled, its Christmas!
''Get up, get up, let's see what Santa got us!''
His Mom sat up and smiled brightly at him,
''okay, okay'' she said and got out of bed.
Tyler ran down the hall to the living room and smiled at the stack of brightly colored gifts Santa had left him.
Then he frowned.
''Where's Daddy?'' he asked his Mom.
His Mom frowned.
''Daddy isn't going to be here today Tyler'' she answered.
''I won't open any of the gifts until daddy's here and we are all together and happy'' he said.
His Mom sighed.
''I'm afraid he might not ever came back sweetie'' his Mom's eye's brimmed with tears.
Tyler was about to go up and comfort his Mom when a loud banging came from the back door.
His Mom quickly became pale.
G-g-g-go away she stammered.
The door busted open and he felt his Mom rush over and pick him up.
His Dad was at the door.
''Leave us alone, it's Christmas!'' she hollered.
''I don't care what day it is! he yelled.
''Daddy'' Tyler said, ''why are you so mad at Mommy?''
''Shut your mouth!''he shot back.
His bottom lip quivered.
''Stop, just let him enjoy his Christmas!'' she yelled full in tears.
''Okay'' Tylers Dad siad and similed, ''we need to decorate!'', ''I am going to string your guts around the room like Christmas lights!'' he pulled out a razor-sharp knife.
His Mom charged to the back door and pushed Tyler throgh.
''Run!' she yelled.
He ran, he ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. He ran to the only place he could think of at the time- and the only place he knew how to get to- his neighbors house.
When he got to the neighbors house he banged on the door, and the neighbors opened it quickly.
''Tyler'' they said ''what's wrong?''
''Mommy'' he managed to gag out.
The neighbors rushed to the phone and dialed 9-1-1.
But it was to late.
When they got there they found his mother ripped to shreds by his Dad, and his Dad had hung himself in the backyard with a blood tail leeding to him. In his poket was the knife he had used to kill his Mom.
Tyler was put up for adoption and lived 15 more years there until he had enough money to buy a house, nobody wanted him over the 15 years he had been there.
(End of dream)
He woke up all sweaty and clutching to the blankets, he managed to crawl out of bed and into his closet-in whitch he never used, exept for one thing- inside were his un-opened Christmas gifts, he never opened them, his family still wasn't together yet.
They still weren't happy together.
They still weren't normal.
He was still haunted by that night.

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About This Story
9 Jan, 2011
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3 mins
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