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Class Test

Class Test

By PurpleDiggy

I studied all week long for this upcoming test so I knew I was going to pass. I copied all of the formulas down to use and everything. So, I'm sitting in class right now when the teacher gives us an envelope. My heart thuds loudly as i wait. Then he finally says "Begin". I pulled out the green sheet of paper but when I looked I didn't know anything on the test. So I leaned over to the guy to my right and started to copy his test. I nodded and went back to my test thinking i had it right but when I looked the guy had thrown his whole test in the garbage and started over. I glared at him as he started all over again. I layed my head down on my desk... My life was over this was the final exam in this class and if I failed now then I'd fail the class. When suddenly the teacher announced. "Those of you with the green trigonometry sheets please turn them in and those with the white calculus sheets also turn them in." White pape what is he talking about? I think to myself and look inside the envelope and sure enough there's a white calculus sheet the one that I should've taken. I slapped myself on the head and hurriedly tried to finish. "Alright pencils down."Pretending he wasn't talking to me I kept writing. "Stop Writing!"He got up and I put down my pencil. He picked up my test and ripped it in half saying "Automatic Zero!!" No!!!

Author Notes: Lol just LOl

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10 May, 2013
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1 min
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