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Close but Not Close Enough Part 1
Close but Not Close Enough Part 1

Close but Not Close Enough Part 1

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I stared in the mirror at my reflection. Dark bags shown under my eyes. My brown eyes were darker than normal, not as light. They had lost it’s light the day I met Niles Ranker. Flashback: “Hey Hazel you are coming to my party right?” I smiled at my best friend Sky. “I could never miss it” Sky was turning 14 and it was important that I made it to her party. It was her dad’s birthday today too and this time last year he’d died from Cancer. So I knew I couldn’t miss it.

Hours later…. I was here at her house. There were tons of people I’d never seen before. I frowned how did sky get this many people to go to her party? I scanned the room and locked eyes with a boy across the room. He made his way over to me. “Niles Ranker pleasure to meet you” He stared at him or gawked your choice. “Water- I swallowed my mouth suddenly feeling dry. “Hazel Hazel waters” I manage to force out the words. Niles smiles. He has crooked teeth and sandy colored hair his bangs fall just above his eyes so I could see the depths of his sparkling blue eyes. And suddenly when it became apprent that I was staring I made a turn for the floor. “You know Sky?” he asks. My hands start sweating “She- she’s my bestfriend” He laughed and when he didn’t stop I looked up giving him a small glare. “Did I say something that urked you?” His smile faded “No I- no sorry” Now it was his turn to look stupid. I nodded satisfied by his look of confusion. “I’d be going now I’m suppose to be home soon” I turned to walk off I didn’t need to wait for his response I had embarrased myself enough. Niles ran to catch up with me and I felt him tug gently at my dress. “May I walk you home?” I spun around and almost yelped he was close. I could see every line in his face the curves and the creases. I was so close I was sure I’d be able to count the strans of hair on his head. It looke whiter up close his blue eyes gleamed and sparkled. I made my way down his face and when I got to his lips I stopped Cracked a little in the middle the bottom was fuller than the top one. He gave me a smirk and I almost fought the urge to touch the creases that edged the corners of his mouth. I shook my head he was too close and I needed to breath there was no way I could talk with his lips that close. I stepped away and his arms fell to his side and he stared down looking ashamed once more. “My fault” he whispered. Then I saw Sky bounding down the hall with her usual cheerful grin. But it faded when she reached us. “You two have met” her voice was cold but her face gave nothing away. “We have met” I sqeaked my voice coming out to be raw and flat. Niles says nothing and I frown what was up with the tension in the room? “Come Niles we should go we have pictures in two minutes” I frowned as I watched Sky walk away. Niles holds is head up to meet mine. I force my heart to stop racing and to meet his guys. And slowly I let my lips form the words my mind wants them to say “We?” “We what?” I snap. Niles grabs my hand and I snatch it away. Sky did daily traditions like taking pictures all the time but that was only when she had a boyfriend and she’s sworn to me that this year we’d have no boy drama and that she’d never have another one. I trembled did my own best friend lie to me? Niles was opening and his mouth but I stopped him “Don’t answer I think I understand”. and I ran slamming the door as hard as I could” I didn’t understand my anger after all I didn’t like Niles Ranker. Or did I? NO there was no way in hell I’d have room for him too. I was single with Sky at least that’s what I thought……… to be continued

Author Notes: Tell me what you think about this so far there will be more to come :)

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26 May, 2020
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3 mins
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