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Cloud Ten Part Two (Scene For Contest)

Cloud Ten Part Two (Scene For Contest)

By Daytoneboy327

It was surprisingly peaceful in the trailer park. The sunlight seeping between the blinds of the yellow trailer that held Carter, Zach, Desmond, Hailey, and Samantha. Desmond was silently reading "To Kill a Mocking Bird" on the leather couch. With Carter outside on the porch drinking a cold lemonade, rifle on side, he heard a scream coming from the streets. "Oh god," Carter mumbled under his breath as he swung the rifle strap firmly over his shoulder and ran out into the streets. There he saw an unfamiliar group of people, one of which holding a knife up to a lady's neck. Carter was now holding the rifle in hand, and the man who was threatening to take the life of the lady. Carter ambled into the middle of the crows and looked up at the man. "There somethin' you want, old man?" Asked Carter in a deep tone. "Ain't nobody needs to get hurt now," Said the man. "Jus' put down your weapon and hand over your meds." At this, Carter did the only thing he could do. He shot. The bullet hit straight between the eyes of the man, with blood splattering all over the concrete. Carter looked up only to see a man with a revolver taking a shot. "AGH!" Screamed Carter. The shot was dead on in the chest, when he breathed it felt like he was inhaling icicles. He lay there, ears ringing. Then his hearing came back, only to hear fire arms being shot back and forth. "H-He-Help m-me..." Stuttered Carter when he saw Desmond towering over him. A look of anger, pure rage came on Desmonds face. He pulled out his shotgun and violently pumped lead out of it as if he had unlimited ammunition. Carter watched as his entire camp was burning, as Desmond died of a knife to the head. Samantha was pregnant and couldn't get away, what would he do? The stragglers had heavy artillery and ammo for days. Zach ran out of the house, just to get shot from a distance. The shot was dead-on to his head, and he didn't survive it. Hailey ran off in confusion, looking like a lost puppy at the pound. Where's Samantha? Carter thought. Then it happened. Samantha ran out towards the driveway, and there he was again. It was him! The hooded man! He had the Retellion staff at hand! Carter crawled toward him inch by inch but was not making good progress. His mouth was filling with the taste of blood. The hooded man used the staff as a weapon, slashed Samantha in the back. "N-NO!" Gurgles Carter. The lurkers had heard the gunfire, they must have taken down the front gate. The hooded man spotted Carter laying, dying on the driveway. He walked up to Carter, pulled a pistol out of his cloak, pointed it towards Carter and ended it all with just one click of a gun.

Author Notes: Hope you like it Ashley.

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29 Jan, 2014
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2 mins
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