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BeowulfAnthony E
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Rooster strutted up high

Up to his risky roost

High atop the barn

He didn't need a boost


Took a deep, confident, breath

Cleared his Rooster throat

Stretched his red feathers

And sang a practice note


With the sun still asleep

Rooster had something to do

It was a Cockle-Doodle

A Cockle-Doodle-Doo


The animals woke swiftly

With a lot of work to do

Chickens laid their eggs

And Donkeys helped too


Horses pulled the ploughs

Tending to the fields

Cows gave milk

That's how a farm yields


Rooster brought his little son

Up high to his risky roost

He was quiet and shy

And needed a little boost


It was time to wake up the farm

There was a lot of work to do

It would start with a Cockle-Doodle

A Cockle-Doodle-Doo!


Little Rooster wandered off

Up to the barn's highest point

Sun appeared and Rooster blared

"Cockle-Doodle, Cockle-Doodle, Don't!"


Don't get too high

Don't go near that edge

Don't look down below

You will fall off that ledge


The animals heard Cockle-Doodle-Don't!

They slept in and began to snooze

No milk, no eggs, no work

The farmer even slept in too


The next day the Little Rooster promised to behave

"I promise I won't make trouble, honest I won't"

Then he jumped into the farmer's deep pond

Rooster blared, "Cockle-Doodle-Cockle-Doodle-Don't!"


Don't go in that pond

Don't you dare go in

Geese and Ducks can float

Roosters can not swim


The animals didn't work that day

So they slept until the sun began to fade

The farm would have to close

If milk wasn't milked or eggs weren't laid


Rooster came down with a sore throat

He couldn't sing Cockle-Doodle-Doo

Little Rooster would have to take his place

His courage and confidence grew


He perched to the top of the barn

The Chickens were asleep in their cages

Then came the loudest Cockle-Doodle-Doo

It was a wake up call for the ages!


The Cows were alarmed, the Horses were startled

The Pandas in China woke up too

Because of Little Rooster's confident loud roar

Of Cockle-Doodle, Cockle-Doodle-Doo


So if you can't wake up one morn

If one day you can't, or you won't

Sleep in for 10 more minutes

and remember Cockle-Doodle-Don't!





Author Notes: A children's story about confidence and courage.

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About The Author
Anthony E
About This Story
11 May, 2020
Read Time
1 min

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