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A cold day in hill

A cold day in hill

By Raghda


“What why”

“i hate it when you repeat things i say”

“i am not, I am just not in the mood of speaking, so i just want you to say what do you want”

“we need to talk”

“not now”

“you’re sitting doing nothing”


“i need you to make things clear for me”


“i feel that i am lost in the middle of this”
she cried so hard and went to her room
in 10 minutes he followed her, sat on the floor and put his head on her knees
"don’t cry"
“I love you, nothing is happening”

“no there must be something going on, then why, why are you leaving, we love each other why.”

“i don’t know, i just..”

“don’t till me you wants to go, you love me i know that”

“afcourse i do, but i must really go.”

“then go, and till me your not coming back, i really don’t want to live in a lie and a fake hope”

“you are not living in a lie now, i want you to know that i love you, i want to stay with you forever, i want to kiss you every minute, wake up beside you every day, marry you every month, and live with you even after forever but dont ask me why i want to go”
cried so hard, then ran to the garden
he packed up and went to his car she was watching him leaving.

the second day the doctor came to him,
“you are so lucky body, we have found you anew heart, we will do you the surgery tonight.”
“ya good”

the second day they did the surgery and it worked, within 4 days he woke up and could talk

“please contact Josiphen and till her to come”

“who is she”

“my wife”

“why she is not here”

“she don’t know, i didn’t want her to suffer with me, i am ok now, i need her”

“ya i will call her”

the nurse " i am sorry doctor, but can i talk to you”
“whats up”
“his wife”
“what about her”
“she is the woman who we took her heart after she had suicide”
“oh, that is hard,dont till him anything”
later the doctor to Wisly
“she was so happy to know that you are ok now, she wanted to come but we told her not, just till you become stronger, you are still tired now.”

“no no i will be ok when she is here,”

“i will bring her as soon as possible”

“ya thanks.”

finally please let who you love stay with you in the happiness and sadness, you never know when is doese the cold day in hill come.
Email me, till me what do you really think about the story
[email protected]

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About This Story
20 Jul, 2010
Read Time
2 mins
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