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Collectors of the Lost Ones (Part 1)

Collectors of the Lost Ones (Part 1)

By DatOneSansFangirl

There was a quiet humming in room 52, almost voiceless. Jake glimpsed over at Grace, his leaf green eyes overflowed with boredom as Mrs. Jaxon walked past them. Grace’s eyes bouncing back at his, she waited for the bell. It felt like an eternity, but it had really only been a minute. When it had finally rung Jake pushed his chair out and tripped over a chair someone left out and the corner of his deep brown hair turned a blood red. He had hit his head on the table that had a dictionary on it and that fell on him. He didn’t get up for a while. Mrs. Jaxon stood up, her impressive ginger hair swaying from side to side as she called 9-1-1.
“Yes, I need an ambulance to Havoc Middle School! Room 52, second floor!” She sat down next to the bleeding child, “Stay beside us, Jake.”
Jake’s head was whirling and he felt if he blinked he was gone for good. When he eventually did, he could not reopen his eyes. His head was very fragile, it hurt for five minutes from a small pinch. There was no way he could live through this.
Several hours later he was officially dead. Before that, he was in a coma. Now he is left in his coma world to fend for himself.

Chapter one

The rain

Jake woke up with wet feet. Not just dripping feet, soaked EVERYTHING. It was pouring in the middle of the night and he somehow knew where he was. Outside there was a small crackle in the leaves, astonishing him and he fell from the hammock he had made before we joined his adventures. He shuffled his feet over to the large turquoise mineral that had fallen from the tree. He picked it up and immediately put it back down.

“This is really heavy…” he huffed. He had to push it over to his campfire to examine it better. It wasn't a rock, it was an egg! He quickly kept it warm by scooting it a bit closer, and he rotated it every five hours. Jake didn’t know how he knew it would work, but it did. Soon there was a cracking noise. Then a loud shriek. He saw a small dog-like reptilian, it had meager stumps on its head, soon to be long, arched horns. The eyes were a penetrating blue. There were spikes along its vertebrae and nostrils, with small dots beneath its eyes, gently becoming larger. There were electric-like stripes along it's back and chin. Jake instantly fell in love with it. He fed it a berry, but a second later he was covered in puke. “Darn it, I should have known.” He grabbed a dead stag and set it in front of him, “come on boy! Come on!”

The creature tore into it, engulfing it all in two bites. It was a creature as big as a velociraptor as when it was born. How large was this thing going to be? He named it Doom, after the way it ate. A couple days later it could stand, and it was the size of a full-grown triceratops now. Its spiky tail was as long as a coconut tree and he now had a collar with “X”s all over it. A month later he was as large as a tyrannosaurus rex. A lot of time later he stayed the same. “Are you going to grow again?” Jake’s eyes glittered with worry. Then he remembered his kitten, it had gotten a growth spurt very quickly. Maybe it was the same? His deep green eyes glared into theirs.

“Come on Zephyr!” He heard a feminine voice call. Just then, a fawn with four horns burst through the thicket, her eyes an angry shade of ivory. It a collar with "X"s and "O"s on it. She glanced at Jake for a minute before then bounding over his campfire and stabbing Doom with her horns. Doom immediately jumped up and clawed at her neck, the deer falling over.
“Zephyr! What are you-?” The female voice he heard before was actually a chivalrous young lady, she was about the same age as Jake. “Zephyr! What did I say about attacking other creatures…?” her calm gaze returned Jake’s. “Especially someone else's monster, AND that’s an azelf!”

Zephyr glanced down at her hooves. She was cerulean and had four curved antlers. She stood high and towered over Jake and Doom. It was definitely an ignorant creature, or maybe that was a one-time thing? Jake noticed it had a somewhat ataractic look in her eyes. Like he could sleep forever and it would still be loyal and watch over him. He reached his a hand out to pet it, but he felt really hot, and he heard ringing in his ears. Was that Zephyr? He shook his head and pulled away. He still felt warm, okay no, he was sweating. Everyone was. Suddenly a gleam of pale and red crawls by and he was confronted by an entity made of ash and flame. Three black eyes stared at him with a dangerous rage. Another wave of ringing in his ears came when the creature let out a fiery hiss out of its muzzle as if challenging him. Two irregular antlers adorned its thick head, which itself was covered in long, red jewels. Its erratic head sat atop a lofty, massive body. Veiny tendrils wrapped around its torso, but Jake's eyes didn't linger long. It dashed forwards, its four appendages carrying its luminous body efficiently with a great feeling of dread. A long tail swept behind it, the snap of a whip could be heard every time it made one of its sudden actions. Two stunted wings extended themselves fully. Shadowy bones and feathers extended upwards away from the creature. It gazed at him with a feeling of terror. It still stared at him, but with a more disinterested look in its optics. It turned to Doom, who was trembling at the time and sent a fiery hiss out of his mouth. The monster spat acid as Zephyr kicked its jaws. It turned towards her, a disgusted look on its face. It opened its wings dreadfully and let out a deafening cry, seemingly about to charge towards Zephyr.
"Zephyr! Run!" Jake called, but it was too late. The beast had already tackled it and now was biting down on her back. Doom had bitten the being just in time, Zephyr was aching severely. "You, check your 'Zephyr' creature." Jake moved towards the enemy, grabbing his spear. He threw it at the being, hitting its head. It turned before striking Doom with his whip-like tail. Just following, they heard a loud screeching, before some bats flew overhead. They saw an umbra overhead, it dove down quickly and caught the ash entity's leg. It snarled back at it and vanished into the shadows, never to be seen again.

Slim emerald eyes sat sunken within the creature's slender, long skull, which gave the creature a menacing looking appearance. Two small horns sat atop its head, just above its thin, pointy ears. A series of crystal growths ran down the sides of each of its jawlines. Its nose was large and had two thick, slitted nostrils and there are tendrils on its chin. A few long teeth poked out from the side of its mouth and give a slight hint at the horror lurking inside. A lean neck ran down from its head and into a massive body. The top was covered with thick scales and rows of small tendrils ran down its spine.
Its bottom was covered with grainy skin and was colored slightly lighter than the rest of its body. Six bulky limbs carried its body and allowed the creature to stand sturdy and arrogantly. Each limb had 6 extremities, each of which ended with sharp nails seemingly made of obsidian. Slender wings seemed to start from its shoulders and stopped at its haunches. The wings were curved, the ends of the hide inside the wings are tattered and damaged and each bone structures ends in an arched, yet dull tip. Its rich tail ended in a curved tip and was covered in the same compact scales as its body. The dragon snarled spitefully at the children, then opened its slender wings. In a flash, it was gone.

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14 May, 2018
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6 mins
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