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Color Changing Room

Color Changing Room

By Rustedsoul

There was a color room, with beautiful accessories, in the apartment. The room was located in the basement which used to support the apartment.

A girl called laajo was locked into the room. The wall paint used to change as per her choice. Though she had limited options to choose from. Laajo was not supposed to leave the room. Despite of having limited access to the world . She used to enjoy her view through the window which had curtains same as the color of wall.

She was happy inside the boundary cause she wanted to support the apartment, be a part of it. She used to take care of everything from the room.

She had ambitions of her own but she never had a chance to follow them.

She used to spent her time to decorate the room with choice of her color.

The room was her ghunghat. She was a mother of 4 kids in a age when she could dream big and fulfill them. She was trained to be in the room by the society and by the greed to have her family intaced. There was a hurricane suppressed under the ghunghat

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10 Mar, 2020
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