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Colors of My Life

Colors of My Life

By Dhawal_Rao

Trying to paint my colorless house

Trying to seek the wrong and right without no cause

Saw the first few cracks in the wall

Well, cracks show us the emotion of our jump and fall

Sometimes I felt I should sell my home

Leave all behind and settle in Rome,

Where I first met you, Jennifer. The love, the joy which I never felt before

Wish you were with me, I would still love you to the core.

As the baby birds learn how to fly, so did our son and daughter

Proud to say that one is a banker and one is a lawyer

I remember them carrying on my shoulder

And when my little girl was scared, I would firmly hold her.

Time has passed Jennifer, and so have they forgotten

Wish I could take them again to world of cotton

I miss them as they are my only lovebirds

Wish I could see then again before my eyes get blurred

Oh Jennifer, this loneliness hurts

Painting this house, and living in world of desert.

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28 Dec, 2017
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