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Come and Find Me
Come and Find Me

Come and Find Me


With my screen playing my favourites

and a cup of caffeine

I usually think of nothing

But here came my tears flowing

like a loose knob in a shower

Dropping on and making me shiver

Breaking me into unbearable sobs

with no one around to hug me and tell me that ‘it’s okay’

I fixed another cup with my face drenched in my own tears

I begged it to stop and all it did was drown my heart

I looked around in haste and fear

And turned to my crude words

So here I’m, My Darling!

writing to you with a hope and a distance of ‘I don’t know yet’

But I hope you are out there, somewhere there!

Or who else will dry my tears

Or hold me close and kiss away my fears

I’m tired and have lost hope to despair

Oh ! I hope to god that you are really out somewhere there

Because, maybe you will be able to make it all go away

That maybe, it will hurt less with you here

That maybe, you will let me lean on you

That maybe , loving you will fade all this pain

Maybe !

I don’t care if it’s not going to be Chanel or Gucci or Vouitton

All I need is you to hold me in good of times and bad

To tell me stories of your sad time and joys

To have you home and to care

So hurry up Honey!

Come and find me

And I promise to love you with all the insignificant and gracious me

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About The Author
About This Story
6 Aug, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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