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Come Back
Come Back

Come Back

2 Reviews

it hasn't quite set in yet

that you're gone

for at least a year

but my worst fear

is that'll be longer than a year

it'll be forever

like what if

you don't come home

i don't want to lose you too

i can't lose you too

you're so stupid and reckless

war-hungry and you think you're ready

i don't think the war books you read

the gory movies you watched

convinced you that war really is horrible

not to be glorified

cause what if you die

i don't get it

i know that its how you've always been

but please

be safe

come back to us




cause im scared i won't know the you that comes back

that it'll change you

i'm crying as i write you letters

just hoping what im saying gets through your thick head

i love you

i miss you

i hate that you're missing at least a year of our lives

i hate that any time we did something this summer

my mind asked if this would be the last time

was that our last beach trip with you?

was that our last time hanging out, just you and me, getting starbucks and books?

was that the first and last time i'll drive with you?

was that night the last time you'll have dinner here?

the last time piper will see you?

was that day the last time you'll tease me in person?

was that hug the last hug i'll ever get from you?

and i just can't imagine a world where you're not my big brother anymore

you have to come back

you have to take me out on more brother-sister dates

you have to scare the shit out of the first boy i bring home

of every boy i bring home

you have to come home to see j and e's wedding

to see our future kids

to start your own family

you have to see me graduate

get married

have kids

you have to be here

cause i don't know what id do if you weren't

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15 Aug, 2022
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