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come back to me

come back to me

By applesrememberme

It was like no other day. The new year had just come, we were going back to school, and my dad slept in as usual. i was ready for another day of 2nd grade but it was to cold for me to walk down to the bus stop alone so i had to wake up my dad. We said our good byes thinking we would see eachother after school, when he would pick me up to go to ballet. But I was wrong. I got off the bus and as usual my brother was there to pick me up but on our way back a cop car passed us. He pulled into our drive way and i got rly confused. As we walked into the house the cop was talking to my sister. I started my daily chores and noticed something was different in mine and my sisters room, It was very disorganized and pictures of my dad were spread out all over it was the weirdest thing. the cop left and my sister wouldn't talk to me. then my other brother came he told us to get in the car and that we were leaving. i stayeed quiet the entire ride i still had no idea what was happening. we got to the hospital and we found my mom with a nurse sitting next to her, my mom was crying, i then realized what happened, but i still didnt have details. My dad died, he got hit by a drunk driver, he never saw it coming. He left 6 kids, 3 of them under the age of 16. I was only 8 when my dad passed and i will never forget that day and the events that happened. The guy that hit him never got his justice, you see the guy that hit him was a cop, all of his buddies were the ones that came to the sence they knew he was drunk so they covered it up, they let him go, and live his life as we had to cope with ours.

This event took place 3 weeks after my 8th b-day (january 16, 2004). I'm 15 now and it still hurts to talk bout it. I had to quit ballet because my mom is busy w/ work and i have to go to conseling because we moved and it pains me to talk bout my old town,school, or even my house because of all my good memories we all had there.

Let this be a lesson don't drink beccuase you could be the reason of something like this

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12 Jan, 2011
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2 mins
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