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come closer please

come closer please

By PlainJaneLane

A woman sits alone at a table in her favorite restaurant... of course until the lean figured man that had been staring at her from the bar comes over and with a red face introduces himself as Sawyer. Her smile doesn't reach her eyes but he doesn't notice as she moves her long brown hair over her shoulder and with a melodic voice replies "I'm Madeline"

2 years later~

A man kneels before the love of his life with an opened box in his hands and a hopeful gaze as he asks "Madeline, will you do me the extraordinary pleasure of being my wife?" She gazes at him with tear filled eyes and replies "oh Sawyer.. of course I will!!!"

One year later~

A woman in a white dress says the words I do. Shortly after so does the man.

Two years later~

A man smiles down at his new daughter in a hospital somewhere as the woman rests.

One year later~

A woman cries at the dining room table. Opened envelopes and bills surround her as she tries to block out the incessant crying of her needy daughter. Grabbing the already opened beer, as her husband comes through the front door in a suit and tie, she chugged it down with two Vicodin. The man sat down across from her and sighed. "Come closer... please" she said not lifting her head from her hands. The man stands up,, and holds her in his arms.

one year later~

A doctor walks into his office to see a man and woman sitting close together, holding hands with worried eyes. "Im sorry to inform you, you have miscarried" the doctor says as the woman chokes back a sob.

A couple months later~

A man walks in the door to find the love of his life on the floor in a pool of vomit, an empty bottle of pills at her side. After being rushed to the hospital and getting her stomach pumped she was on her way to recovering. The man goes home to take care of the lovely daughter and in two days the woman returns. The woman pulls into the parking lot of the appartments to see an ambulance, two police cars, and an unmarked vehicle in front of her house, she races to the first police man and demands to know what happened, to which he replied "oh it's a real sad story ma'am, the guy that lived here had a wife who had attempted suicide after 7 years of happiness because of a miscarriage. Anyway, while she was in the hospital he hung himself in the nursery, we got a noise complaint cause the kid wouldn't stop crying-" and before he could finish the sentence she was off down the hall and up the stairs rushing to find her baby girl, Eva. When she found her, Eva was being carried off by what she could only assume we're social workers. She screamed and yelled and fought until all she could do was watch the rest of her happiness get driven away. They left her in a heap of depression in front of her apartment after carrying away her husband's body. For a moment she was frozen until bitter resolve took over and she stood up. She backed up a couple steps and ran for the floor to ceiling window, throwing her elbows in front of her face.

A woman lye sprawled on the ground, her white cotton dress stained with blood... red dripping from her mouth, her limbs bent in unnatural ways with broken glass surrounding her thin pail frame. She was gone... just like the rest of them.

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About This Story
24 Jul, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
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