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Come For A Ride With Me?

Come For A Ride With Me?

By Banana Boat - 1 Review

Come for a ride with me?

I admit in the beginning I had to go pee.
When I returned my heart was beating so fast.
Deep down inside we were going to have a blast.
I mumbled to myself: "This must be one of the craziest ideas that I ever had in my head."

I know he is a safe driver, but here I'm thinking I may end up dead.
I'm so pumped and psyched.
Let's ride like the wind baby, as I mount your bike.
Oh the rush, as I started to blush.
I think I'm holding on too tight because I didn't want him to crush.

This experience of a lifetime will be one for the record books.
I wondered to myself if this man can really cook?

These days you have to know how to do things in order to survive.
For so many of us this is the only way we can thrive.

I did find out that he can crochet.
He so happens to be good at it either day or night and no he isn't gay.

He didn't look so tough but a little rough.

It felt as if we were going for a test drive.
We went so extremely slow at first.

My mouth was so dry so I thought I was dying of thirst.
I was told to keep my mouth closed
but I was just so excited it was all exposed.

I just want to go far, far away.
I know I started to pray.
We did ride very far.
Of course I went further while in a car.

I want to go to a place where I have never been.

I placed my hands and pulled onto his skin.
I couldn't get rid of this grin.
What a perfect day it was.
We were watching out for cars.
Finally I can touch my feet to the ground.
We were back safe and sound.

I didn't want this day to end.
I think I found my best friend?
I really enjoyed the ride.
Thank you God I didn't die.
You have to trust the person who is in control.
We went back and took a stroll.

I wonder what will happen next?
I enjoy those endless and meaningful texts.
I'm so happy and of course I do care.
You are like a breath of fresh air.

Nobody knows what tomorrow may bring.
I just want to stand on top of a mountain and sing.
There is a reason why God puts people together.

I wonder if he really does look good in leather?
I really admire somebody who is so caring.
In the end I know you can be very daring.

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About The Author
Banana Boat
About This Story
11 May, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
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3.0 (1 review)

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