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Come Home

Come Home

By Juin

Once upon a time, there was a small village. In that village was a young man and lady who were very much in love, and in time they got married and made their home together. All seemed well, and the years passed.

But one day, the couple’s neighbours awoke in the middle of the night to a loud slamming of door. Alarmed and curious, they peeked out of the window. It was the couple. The wife was storming out of the house with bags of clothes, and screaming at the top of the voice as she left. Behind her, her husband chased and looked apologetic, he begged her not to leave but she wouldn’t be appeased.

That night, she left to stay in another home. It was a small village and before the rooster crowed the next morning, everyone was already abuzz talking about the couple, and speculating what had happened. And before the sun fully rose, the villagers had already reached a consensus about what happened - the husband must have cheated on his wife.

Their theories appeared to be confirmed when day after day, villagers would find the husband bringing flowers to the wife’s door begging her to come home. Some days he even brought specially prepared cakes to put at her door. But each day after kneeling at the door before the sun rose till long after it has set, the wife would not even open the door. As the tired and dejected husband headed home, the wife would take the flowers and cakes placed at the door and throw it at his turned back. This happened time and again day after day. In time the days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.

Finally, one day the curiosity of the villagers got the better of them, and they chose 2 within themselves to ask the husband what had happened that made the wife so angry. Strangely only one man returned, but the villagers who had long-awaited for the story did not care much. They eagerly crowded around the one who returned to hear the story. Turns out, the wife had fallen in love with a man in a faraway village and they had been meeting up and writing love letters to each other, this was discovered by the husband eventually who went to the man’s house and found out he was also married. After warning him to leave his wife alone, he told his wife of what he found out, but the wife was distraught and hated the husband for spoiling their relationship. That was the night she stormed out of the house.

Upon finding out all these, the villagers were fuming mad, why was the husband who was faithful, the one who was abused, and the one to plead? As they were heatedly cursing the wife, one villager screamed, “FIRE!”

They turned around and saw up in the sky smoke billowing high above. Quickly, the whole village ran toward the smoke and found that it was the wife’s house on fire. As they got nearer, they also heard a painful scream. When they finally reached, they saw in front of the house the other man who went to ask the husband what happened. Somehow, he did not seem shocked at the raging fire behind him.

“What happened?!” the villagers asked him.

“I put the house on fire. The wife deserves to be punished for what she has done!” he replied angrily.

Shocked, the villagers didn’t know what to say or do. And as they stood dumbfounded, the voice in the house the voice screamed on in pain. Hours passed and fire eventually died down as with the screams. The villagers still stood staring at the ashes of the house.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HOUSE?!” the villagers heard behind them a voice.

Turning around, they saw the voice came from the wife.

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9 Sep, 2019
Read Time
3 mins
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