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Coming home

Coming home

By novelisttobe1

Big Mike.Sammy.LIl Rob.Those are ust some of the people who died this month.It's my first two months here in Iran and I've already lost so many friends.I cant wait to go home to my wife Winnie.I love her so much but Im out here with a gun in my hand,doing drills everyday,watchin my back all the time.But you know,I'm here for a while so unfortuatly Winnie's gotta wait for a while.
Me and Jeremy got married four months ago.It was about two months later when he left for Iran.It was a very emotional moment you know,him gettin on that plane and leaving Texas.Also ever since he left I've been kind of sick.I get alot of cramps when I'm not on my period, Im nautious all the time and I look a hot mess.
7 months later
Im still not home an I got a letter from Winnie."IM pregnant"she wrote.I can imagine her saying that in her happy country accent.She said she was having twins;a boy and girl.She wants to name the girl and I want to name the boy.
I'm pregnant!!I've neer been so happy.Its still a problem though cuz im all alone in this house.Sometimes I feel like he might not come home and he can die any moment or I'm gonna have the baby alone and still come home to lonliness.I want to name the girl Bonnie and Jeremy wants to name the boy Jeremy Junior.
Holy shit.I'm in the hospital.The doctors think I might be paralyzed.In the plane when gasoline started to leak and it when I landed it just blew up.They want me to go home so I might suprise my wife

I was cooking with a bottle of wine whe the best thing ever happened.Jeremy came home walking.I heard from a doctor that he might be paralyzed but he's not.Thank god he's home.
Winnie went into labor 26 days after I got home.I'm so excited.She's squeezing my hand while cursing me out and sweating.Damn she's pretty

Jeremy and Winnie now hve 2 beautiful children and are a happy family.J.J is 3 pounds while Bonnie is 2 pounds.JJ has his moms blonde hair and his dad's nose while Bonnnie has a mixtuere of Winnie's hair and her dads brown hair with her moms eyes

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6 Feb, 2012
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2 mins
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