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Communiqué from a Very Small Planet
Communiqué from a Very Small Planet

Communiqué from a Very Small Planet



Despite its great speed the intergalactic ship appeared to slowly move in the vast darkness of outer space. The automatic sensing devices aboard the ship ceaselessly searched for a planet that supported an intelligent population who were able to reason and communicate. This particular exploratory spacecraft was one of several identical ships launched in various directions from its home world.

There were no life forms aboard the spacecraft; its instruments endlessly recorded information that was transmitted to the scientists of the world that launched it on its permanent mission.

It was only over a considerable period of time and distance before one of the exploratory ships detected the presence of intelligent beings on a planet. The instruments aboard the ship confirmed and reconfirmed its findings as it orbited the inhabited world.

The ship launched a series of devices over various parts of the planet. As the planet's gravitational pull attracted them, the objects split into a series of smaller spheres once they entered the atmosphere.

Attracted by the bright lights in the skies, the inhabitants watched in wonder at an atmospheric display new to that world. The spheres were deliberately designed to make loud noises and bright flashes as they fell to the surface of the world to attract the attention of its population.

As the objects appeared to soon crash into the world and the structures of the planet's inhabitants, the spheres somehow slowed their progress as they gently floated to the surface of the world.

One of the many witnesses to the event approached one of the spheres as it softly landed. Carefully examining the sphere, the inhabitant picked up the new arrival that felt neither hot nor cold. The inhabitant was incredulous when a voice inside his mind spoke in his own language...


Transmission begins.

My sincere greetings to whoever and wherever you are. I have no doubt you are wondering why you are hearing my voice inside your head in your very own language or dialect. By your very touch this device has detected that you are an intelligent being. You have just activated a message device that I recorded over a period of time.

I wish to tell you that this object is not intended to harm either you or anyone else in your world, rather it is designed to bring you a message of hope and the desire to bring peace and tranquillity to you and all the inhabitants of your planet.

This device is one of many that are travelling across the universe to find someone to give its message to. Every one of the spheres that have landed on your world are exactly similar to the one that you are now holding and are hearing telepathically. Each one of the spheres contains the words and memories of a different occupant of our world who wish to bring you their sincere greetings and to tell you the story in their own thoughts of how this device and the other identical ones came to your world. At the conclusion of this message you will realise why they have come to your planet.

I implore you to listen to my introduction, a brief relevant account of my life, and finally, our world's important message to your own world.

The funny thing is that I cannot remember my own actual name as it has been so long since I have been known by anything else other than my code name-Rapier.

I am speaking from my dwarf planet whose inhabitants are perpetually at war with themselves. The reasons for the nearly eternal conflict between the Confederation of the North and the Federation of the South are so many that they even include what the rightful name of our planet should be...

Love...or fight, dark...or light, black...or white, wrong...or right...there are two sides to every proverbial coin...The beings of my dwarf planet have fought each other to a standstill on the planet's lands and seas for as long as our recorded history began.

Our war is fought by soldiers and sailors as well as aviators and tunnelers who are identified by their uniforms and banners who clearly fight in the day and the night led by their officers. A war is also fought by secret agents and clandestine operatives without distinctive costumes or flags who fight in the shadows. I am one of these warriors. I am skilled in the arts of disguise and mimicry, investigation, espionage, sabotage, theft, image recording, kidnapping, field interrogation and assassination. Though I follow all my lawful orders, once I am sent on my assignment I carry out my mission by myself...

The armies, navies and air forces of my dwarf planet have attacked and defended each other from the right flanks and the left flanks, across and under our seas, from the skies above and from the cavernous depths below. The only respites from the fighting are the lengthy sieges that last a generation that allows each side to replenish their population, its artificial resources and munitions as well as their hatred and motivation to carry on the fight. Both sides of the eternal conflict carefully study what has occurred and design new tactics, strategies and inventions to defeat their enemy. During the most recent undeclared armistice a scientist had discovered a new method of attack...


I receive my orders and assignments from the one who is code named Supreme. A highly experienced clandestine operative, she only accepted a promotion to head our agency when her wounds led to her decreased mobility. After recovering from and adapting to her injuries she redesigned our agency's training, indoctrination, and review processes. In addition to her training skills she conducted interrogations of captured enemy infiltrators and debriefed our own operatives. Clever, experienced, highly competent with a high degree of initiative, she was exceedingly receptive to new information. These qualities as well as her excellent record of service led her to be admired by both her superiors and subordinates and to be feared by our enemy.

The mission that forever changed our world began with an earlier mission.

Supreme ordered me to be clandestinely infiltrated behind our enemies' battle lines. I was to place an unknown device at a specified location, conceal it, then proceed to what I thought was my actual mission, one of the sabotage of an enemy installation.

I was introduced to and trained in a variety of equipment to accomplish my task.

To infiltrate the enemy's area I was schooled in the use of the Cloudcraft. This was an inflatable conveyance made of an organic material that would not be picked up by the enemy's heat, image, sound or reflection detectors. The Cloudcraft earned its name by being able to be visually concealed with material that appeared identical to the visible floating water vapour formations that graced our skies. Inflated with a material lighter than our atmosphere, the one who piloted the Cloudcraft could control its silent movements whilst having full visual observation of the ground below and the skies above. When deflated, the Cloudcraft including its propulsion device fitted in a field pack I was able to wear on my back that was light enough to carry.

My mission was delayed by one day due to their being little or no clouds, however the atmospheric conditions of the following day were perfect for my Cloudcraft. The delay had no bearing as I regarded this as a pleasurable mission due to it having no time constraints with the exception of my arranging my own extraction from behind the enemy's border.

I carefully studied and memorised the area I was to land in, travel over, and make my way through for the two separate locations of my twin missions of placing a device then moving to another area to conduct my sabotage mission. This was accomplished through the creation of a holographic image of the area for my benefit. I supplemented my examining the terrain by learning the enemy's military and non military structures and population of the area by inspecting our reconnaissance reports and aerial imagery.

To traverse the area of my mission I was provided a Levitation Sledge that not only carried all my gear and myself over land and water, but did so silently without leaving any tracks on the ground. During the daylight hours I could use the Levitation Sledge as a camouflaged protective shelter that would be over me as I slept; the sled having detection devices that would alert me to the approach of any being or vehicle.

I followed my usual preference of being attired and armed as an enemy military police officer. The emblems and demeanour of a military police officer commanded respect and subordination from the enemy and allowed me to be in any of the enemy's areas without attracting undue suspicion.

I carried the same anti-personnel weapons that were used by our enemy that I was highly proficient in. I also carried a suitable amount of demolition gear to obliterate the enemy installation, a hand held missile launcher for use against air and ground vehicles, and disguised silent dart weapons for silently killing an enemy that was close to me.

To facilitate my escape I could pre-program my escape route on my Levitation Sledge that would return me to my starting point destination at an extremely high speed. In addition I had a different sort of exfiltration device that fitted in another small pack I could wear on my chest.

I was trained to walk in Stealth footgear that left no tracks from their wearer, nor any other sign, whether visibly or through scent and heat where my route of travel could be seen or sensed.

I rehearsed my mission extensively in an underground area where the terrain of my mission had been artificially created in a realistic looking holographic setting. After successfully navigating the devices on simulators, both the Cloudcar and Levitation Sledge worked perfectly when I tested the actual vehicles. The delay in my departure due to the atmospheric conditions led me to further refine my expertise in my transportation vehicles as well as my demolition and marksmanship acumen.


The winds and weather were perfect for my infiltration into the enemy's territory. As a further assistance, our regular military forces launched a diversionary infantry assault against the enemy's positions that was as successful as my own entry into the land of the enemy.

My Cloudcar flew silently through the skies towards my first destination in an uninhabited wilderness area. I landed, deflated the device and packed it into its field pack that I stored in the Levitation Sledge.

The location where I cached the unknown device was a short distance from my landing zone, that I traversed by foot, leaving the sledge behind. After confirming there was no enemy presence in the area, I easily completed what I regarded as a routine task. However, a soldier is continually drilled that there is no such thing as a 'routine' task. I returned to my Levitation Sledge for my second mission.

What I thought was my primary mission was the destruction of a small enemy meteorological station. Prior to my becoming a soldier I would have pondered what the importance of the device I concealed was or the reason for my being assigned to destroy the meteorological installation.

Unquestioning obedience to lawful orders is the first thing a soldier learns.

As time goes by, an alert and quick acting soldier never ponders the reason for the orders one is given or the mission one is sent on, missions are nearly always categorised as 'combat' or 'reconnaissance'. No order or mission has ever been given by accident. Incompetence, yes, accidently, no. The reason for some orders or missions of importance often do not become obvious until the future. Some orders or mission never become obvious. One reason may be a matter of diversion, such as the infantry reconnaissance in force that helped my own mission though those who performed the reconnaissance in force would never know the real reason for the operation they performed.

When acting as a bodyguard for our general staff I discovered that there were other reasons for certain orders to be given. These reasons included projecting one's ego in order to be recognised by one's superiors for future reward or protecting one's ego to avoid being recognised by the same superiors for future punishment ranging from the loss of one's position to summary field execution. There was also the ego of the regime where orders were given merely to demonstrate the regime's power and omnipotence.

I returned to the sledge and prepared my manually controlled conveyance to transport me to a concealed point near my objective. The navigation device of the sledge contained a capability function to automatically return from the start of my journey by the route it had travelled at a very high speed, with sensors picking up and avoiding new obstacles in its path.

My night vision device allowed me to see my way as I steered the relatively silent Levitation Sledge over the ground to an area I selected where I could walk to a concealed area with an excellent vantage point of my target.


Concealing the sledge, I climbed the forested hill overlooking the meteorological station.

My target comprised several small structures surrounded by a fence with one main point of entry on an unpaved road that led from one of the paved main roads a considerable distance away. There was the meteorological station itself, some meteorological equipment towers adjoining it, a small residential building for the two meteorologists, and one small two level building near the entrance that quartered the section of guards. Perhaps the small site was deemed unimportant enough for one of our guided missiles or one of our bombs dropped and directed from an aerial conveyance.

My plan of attack would have been deemed ludicrous by my younger self from the time when I entered the world of adulthood as a combat infantryman. There would be no loud aggressive assault using concealment from the terrain and cover provided by the firepower of my companions. Instead I would single-handedly accomplish my mission through deception, bluff and sheer nerve.

I dressed in my expertly tailored enemy uniform of a counterintelligence officer of the military police, a figure dreaded in the enemy's army as much as in my own. I know first-hand of this dread because I had once been a counterintelligence officer myself.

Satisfied of my neat appearance, I marched around a bend of the road catching the not too alert sentinel by surprise. The enemy counterintelligence officers identified themselves by a highly visible hat and tunic that they wore to intimidate others. Usually they worked in the uniforms of those they were secretly investigating.

A counterintelligence officer attired in a counterintelligence office uniform coming unexpectedly meant either an inspection, an investigation, an arrest or all three.

The presence of a counterintelligence officer openly arriving was met by more fear than an armoured vehicle assault, as one knew what an armoured vehicle assault entailed. The same could not be said of a surprise visit of a counterintelligence officer with a highly visible recording device. No one instantly obeys an armoured vehicle assault...An armoured vehicle assault can be stopped and defeated, the same cannot be said of a counterintelligence officer.

The sentinel and the commander of the guard immediately accepted my expertly forged identity and mission documents. In addition, my demeanour and highly visible recording device established intense fear in the guards and specifically their commander.

I ordered every one of the guards, including the communications operator to parade in front of the guard house after giving them an amount of time to prepare for the upcoming formal inspection that would occur once the procession of vehicles I supposedly proceeded would arrive. This explained to them my coming on foot alone. Under no circumstances were the guards to report our presence to their superiors until after our inspection was completed. They sufficiently understood the importance of immediately obeying my orders and dreaded the punishments if they disobeyed or even questioned my orders.

The commander of the guard escorted me through the meteorological station and presented the much older male and female meteorologists who would await what I told them was the upcoming scientific inspection. They were ordered not to leave their office. I asked where their communication devices were, they replied that in accordance with security procedures the only communication devices were in the guard house. I recorded more information on my recording device that seemed to please everyone.

Once I returned to the entrance of the installation, the guard section was on parade in their quickly prepared uniforms and hurriedly cleaned weapons. I called the section to attention and ordered them to prepare their weapons for preliminary inspection.

As they did so I examined the large rapid fire weapon near the gate to inspect its cleanliness and its ready supply of ammunition. I asked who was responsible for the care and cleaning of this weapon. Two of the guards shouted their names.

I informed them prior to their weapons inspection I would personally inspect the large rapid fire weapon; the commander of the guard and the two guards who shouted their names were visibly shaken. My familiarity and training in the use of the enemy's weapons easily allowed me to examine and load the weapon, as I queried the weapon's operators on the capabilities of the weapon who loudly replied with the correct answers.

I then turned the large weapon on the unaware guard section.

Holding one leg of the bipod in my left hand I emptied the contents of the ammunition container of the weapon into the guards; the large holes in their bodies ensured every one of them was dead.

My second step was destroying the communication device inside the guard structure.

My third step was returning to the meteorological structure and eliminating the male and female scientists who now realised that I was not a counterintelligence officer. Their pleadings that they were not military personnel was an undeniable fact, but I have been trained to be devoid of pity, mercy, or basic humanity. Killing those who provided no threat was one of the many distasteful parts of my profession. In my own training as an ununiformed assassin the killing of a civilian prisoner, sometimes a woman, once in a while a child, was a necessary part of the intense course. Only those who killed without hesitation and had no later psychological remorse, nor gloating would be allowed in my clandestine section.

The fourth step was the placing of the demolition charges and setting the appropriate time delay fuses.

The fifth step was making my way back to my Levitation Sledge. As the sledge had recorded its journey to my destination I had the exhilarating experience of going back the exact same way as I initially travelled but now at an intense high speed.

I proceeded to my aerial exfiltration point and prepared my extraction device. I then transmitted a brief communication containing a time for extraction and the location of the pickup point. My communication was immediately and correctly acknowledged.

I waited undetected for the signal of readiness from the conveyance that would return me to my lines. I strapped myself and my Levitation Sledge. containing my gear into the harness of the aerial exfiltration device, then inflated the marker that would rapidly rose into the sky attached to a strong tether. Once it reached the end of its tether one of our aerial Scoutcraft swooped down securing the tether between the inflated marker and myself and my sledge.

Both myself and the sledge flew into the sky being slowly but surely winched into the back of the Scoutcraft for our return to our lines.


Upon my return I was met by Supreme. She whispered that during my debriefing I was not under any circumstances to mention my first mission, the caching of the device that I brought with me.

The usual inquisition called a debriefing occurred soon after my arrival. Part medical and psychological examination, part interrogation, and part my instruction of a select audience of all the details of my secondary mission. All of this took up a considerable amount of time as everything, even the smallest matter needed verification, as the information gained during the debriefing would be added to our intelligence files.

After the regular interrogation came the questioning of the subconscious mind accomplished through narcotic substances and hypnosis. The account of the former interrogation was compared against the account of the latter interrogation. Major discrepancies would cause both processes to begin again...

I found debriefings more distressing than the worst of my missions.

After the completion of my debriefing came the commencement of my usual reward.

* * *

Sexual intercourse is a basic need not only for one's enjoyment and mental well being, but the replenishment of the population.

The rewarded ones are treated to a period of companionship with an attractive member or members of the opposite sex in safe, comfortable and luxurious accommodation catering to every physical and mental need.

Both males and females are sent to their own separate chamber at the reward centre. At one time in my career I was one of the staff at a reward centre where I pleasured members of the opposite sex. My assignment there was not merely an extra reward for my previous services to my regime, but to identify whether any of the honoured guests violated secrecy protocols in their oral intercourse with the reward staff and to gauge the morale of our warriors.

To my initial incredulousness, there were those who seemed to enjoy conversations as much as physical copulation. As time went by I came to appreciate that desire when faced with being unable to speak to anyone on a mission in my time as a clandestine warrior or only being able to speak to an unintelligent person in my time as the lowest foot soldier.

The results of the sexual intercourse at the reward centres replenished our population. Those who had grown older and perhaps wiser and had lost their quick reflexes and judgement but gained caring and kindness acted as the nursery and teaching staff of our next generation of warrior cadets.

I confess to having speculated on how many new additions to our population I had been responsible for, either during my visits to the centres as my own reward and relaxation or during the time I myself was one of the reward staff. I wondered whether some day I would meet or recognise any of my offspring. It was a useless intellectual exercise as none of our population knew who had sired them.


As with my initial feelings toward those who preferred oral intercourse to physical sexual intercourse were disbelief, over a period of time and experience I changed my mind.

Why am I transmitting my life story to you, a being I will never know about or meet, when it violates all our security regulations that I have spent my entire adult lifetime enforcing?

Our team psychiatrists have said that all clandestine operatives have a compulsive desire to be authors. The psychiatrists feel that our need to be secret gives us the subconscious urge to reveal to someone, anyone, sometime, anytime what we have done as we cannot consciously reveal the truth.

I thank you, my dear listener for your understanding and patience.

As with Supreme, we often become instructors at times in our career. It may be as a period of rest or it may be when we are physically unable to perform our duties where we free an able bodied operative to have an opportunity to fight and defeat our enemy. However, what I am transmitting is nothing that I would ever be allowed to instruct to a student or confide to a trusted combat companion or a receptive reward centre operative.

I have no idea why I am confiding information to a stranger that would cause my imprisonment, transfer to a suicide operation against the enemy, or my own immediate execution. The idea is as strange as my desire to someday meet and know my offspring.

Perhaps you, my unknown listener have the intelligence and understanding to know the answer?


My reward and relaxation period completed, I returned to my duties commencing with a new briefing by Supreme.

Supreme asked me if I remembered where the exact location of the unknown device I placed, activated and camouflaged was. I replied that I did.

Supreme asked me how many methods there were of infiltrating the enemy's area. I replied four; land, sea, air and stay behind. Supreme informed me that there was now a fifth method, one of teleportation through the uses of devices identical to the one I carried and placed in the enemy's area.

Our scientists were working on perfecting the teleportation conveyance device to be safe and foolproof. The original plan was to eventually be able to teleport a large amount of soldiers and their combat vehicles to a specific point in the enemy's rear area where the teleportation reception device that was planted by myself and the others that were planted by different secret agents would receive them. The teleported forces would be the spearhead of a massive surprise invasion of the enemy's territory from within.

Though there were limited successes with the experimental teleportation devices, there were frequent failures. At the moment our tests of the teleportation device in our secret areas was successful but only if no more than two beings were in what was called the 'plate' of the device. As I have previously stated, it was originally planned that in order to keep the secrecy of the device it would not be used against the enemy until it would be able to safely send and return a large body of our soldiers with their weapons, equipment and combat vehicles to deal a massive and vital blow against the opposition.

An emergency communication sent by our reliable intelligence sources behind the borders of the enemy significantly changed this situation.

We learned that an enemy scientist had developed an unknown device that would destroy our will to fight. This scientist was due to brief the enemy's high command on this device in a specific location that our intelligence sources identified. Our most secret operational command knew this location was near the teleportation receptor that I had cached.

My new mission was to teleport to the receptor, make my way to the location of the briefing that I was able to identify through its holographic image that I was shown and memorised, and locate the scientist who I also identified by her holographic image. I would eliminate the scientist's guards, capture and subdue the scientist and make my way with the captive scientist to the receptor. I would then place a time delay demolition device to obliterate all traces of the receptor that would activate after we teleported back to our teleportation transmitter located in our headquarters. The captive scientist would be convinced by every available method to reveal her device to destroy our will to fight and change her allegiance to our side.

I studied the holographic image of my objective as well as the scientist, and studied the information that we had on her. Though the physicians and psychiatrists of both sides of our planet agreed that fighting men can carry heavier loads, move faster and work harder, they agree that fighting women can think more unpredictably and that the female of the species is deadlier than the male...To be able to conceive of a device that would destroy the entire will of one side to fight must be a very deadly thing indeed...

I was uniformed as an enemy general and given devices that did not appear to be deadly weapons but would be able to kill or subdue the enemy. The device that would obliterate the teleportation reception was already built inside it. I was repeatedly drilled on where I would stand and how I would activate the device to come and go and how to activate the obliteration device. I was warned if I and my captive were near the device when it was activated but not actually standing on the plate we would be destroyed, or worse yet, wishing that we had been destroyed.

I was also issued a timepiece for the operation. If I did not reach the teleportation receptor in the allotted time I could never return. In addition to letting me know how much time I had remaining the timepiece also contained a screen where I could view the scientist's vehicle as our intelligence sources in the enemy areas had planted a device in the scientist's vehicle that I could monitor.

The timepiece had one more feature. It contained a suicide device...through a switch on the timepiece I had the choice of merely killing myself or destroying a considerable area around me to take some of my enemies with me.

I will soon cease transmission and will continue later.

Transmission ends.


Transmission begins again.

I was ready to go! I laid down on the plate and curled into a foetal position.

I was in darkness, but I was not in nothing. I recognised the inside of the imitation vegetation I used to camouflage the device that I now knew was my entry to the enemy's territory and my assignment then it would be the exit to my way home. I had a slight feeling of motion sickness that my trainer advised me that I would experience. This feeling soon vanished.

I was in the darkness of the night, but I was wearing an enemy night vision device that also concealed my face as well as an aural sound augmentation accessory that magnified every sound but would automatically adapt to a loud sound to avoid damaging my hearing.

As I advanced towards my destination my aural augmentation device alerted me that I was not alone in the area. I lowered myself to the surface and concentrated on the noise that not only grew nearer, but became three separate sounds converging on my location by three separate directions.

My thermal vision device revealed brightly lit savage eyes in an expression that even a world weary cynical non judgemental clandestine operative like myself could only describe as 'evil'. My vision detected two predators but my hearing detected three.

The unseen one stopped its movement whilst the other two slowly and nearly silently came towards me from my left and my right side. The large deadly animal predators who attacked their prey in a group fatally did not realise or care their prey was armed.

To avoid the noise of my standard enemy weapon, I used the silent relatively short ranged poisoned dart launchers.

The first predator fell to the ground dead as the silent projectile from my weapon ripped into its flesh, then the second one met the same fate.

I heard the loud growl that became the suicidal final roar of the third one at the same time it leapt on my back.

To my good fortune the predator was ripping my back pack apart with its fangs. I fell backwards pinning the creature to the ground as I thrust my knife into the body of the creature. It shrieked as I stabbed it and shrieked again once I repeated the process. There was no sound on my third thrust into the predator.

I continued on my journey to my destination with a fate that as you will soon discover will also affect you...


I immediately recognised the location of my planned ambush on the road to the destination that the scientist would never reach. I waited by a bend in the road and waited for the vehicle detector on my timepiece to let me know of the scientist's arrival.

I heard the beeping of her vehicle growing nearer...

The vehicle slowed as I pointed at the insignia of general's rank on my uniform and held up my general's baton that secretly contained a deadly weapon.

The driver was impressed by my insignia and baton. He fatally relaxed by his seeing only one person stopping them. Perchance they were expecting to rendezvous with a guide to direct them to their final destination. The scientist who was my target was seated in the back with an attaché case of documents chained to her wrist. Her bodyguard sat next to the driver in the front seat of the vehicle.

I easily eliminated her escort and driver with the same silent dart projectiles I had killed the two predators with.

The scientist screamed until I put the enemy weapon in her face. She ceased her noise. I placed a sealing device over her mouth to render her silent and frisked her for weapons. She had none. She immediately complied with my order for her to open her case that was still chained to her wrist. It appeared there were only documents inside. I ordered her to come with me or I would cripple her and carry her. She nodded her assent and complied.

It was too simple to return to our device. I was holding the scientist by her arm, she did not resist.

We entered the camouflage on the teleportation device. I activated the destruction device that would obliterate all traces of the machine after our departure.

We stepped on the plate to the teleportation device. Before I activated the mechanism that would return us both to the teleportation receptor in our headquarters I questioned my captive.

Though she was unable to speak I asked the scientist whether her device to stop the will to fight was described in the documents in her case.

I heard her voice inside my head; my first telepathic experience.

No, she said telepathically, there is nothing in the case.

I felt her squeeze my arm with her hand and felt a slight prick from a needle concealed inside her ring.

She telepathically said that she and now I are the devices that will stop the will to fight.

A coalition of scientists from both sides developed a virus that eliminates all aggressive thought; it will rapidly spread like a plague that will forever end the eternal war. No one but the scientific coalition for peace knows about this virus in the same way that no one but the scientific coalition for peace knows they have developed telepathic communication. The virus had started on her side, now she and I were to be the carriers when we arrived in our headquarters. Her kidnapping was planned by the coalition of scientists who used our intelligence service in the enemy's areas to advise our government of the bait for trap that I had fallen for. In the meantime after she activated the teleportation device I would fall asleep before we...reached..head...quart...ers...

End of transmission.


Beginning of transmission.

I have just woken up in a bed in a hospital after a lengthy period of unconsciousness.

I have been informed that the war is over and I will be retrained for a new job to rebuild our planet. Prior to starting this new job in our united world of peace I have added my thoughts recorded in my secret concealed diary to the communication device that you are now listening to.

A large number of us from both sides of our former war have provided their similar contributions into other communication devices. These have been duplicated and placed inside a series of intergalactic conveyances invented by the coalition of scientists to find a planet of intelligent life and land on it. My communication device will hopefully be found.

If you have felt a slight prick from the device you are holding do not be alarmed. You will sleep for a period of time but after you wake you will soon feel better that you ever have before, and so will everyone who comes in contact with you.

Our planet is now named Pax. I have remembered my real name at last. It is....

End of transmission.


Author Notes: I am the author of three Extra Dimensional/Ultraterrestial military science fiction novels MERCENARY EXOTIQUE, OPERATION CHUPACABRA and WORK IN OTHER WORLDS FROM YOUR OWN HOME! as well as two travel books THE MAN FROM WAUKEGAN and TWO AUSTRALIANS IN SCOTLAND (all from I live happily ever after with my wife in paradise (coastal Kiama, NSW Australia).

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4 Jun, 2021
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