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Confession at the Train

Confession at the Train

By Gourab

Last week, while returning from school,I decided to travel by train. The compartment was almost empty only two people- I and a tall,glum faced man sitting opposite to me was there in the compartment.I tookout a book from my bag and started reading it. After sometime I felt very bored. Sudenly, that man asked "Hi". I also replied him "helllo,I am Gourab....where are you from?".
He replied " I am Aman..and I am from semetry"
I -"what?...isn't it a weird name?...semetry..where is that place?"
He-"hmm...actually I want to confess something...may I?"
I-"yes of course..why not?"
He-"Then listen.."

He-" 5 years ago....I was married to a lady named Anjali. She was very beautiful and kind. She was a perfect wife.
We were living a peaceful married life.One day my bestfriend, Siddharth came to my house.He was a very gentle person.
He stayed at my house that day.But the next day before leaving my house he felt down from the stairs of my house and
got his leg fractured.We immediately called a doctor and the doctor plasterd his leg and suggested not to walk for few weeks
and to take rest.My wife told Siddharth to stay at our home until he gets well.I also agreed to my wife's desicion but after
a few days I started to feel jealous when I felt that my wife is paying much concern and care towards Siddharth and neglecting
me.As days passed on I was getting more jealous to see them close.One day I was drunked, while returning home from office
and I suddenly met one of my neigbour who told me that I should be more careful as my wife is more concern about my bestfriend.At that sort of moment I became high tempered and pushed my neighbour and started running towards my home in
a thought that my wife and my bestfriend has cheated me. I reached my home and opened the door and saw my wife and Siddharth talking to each other and in jealousy I went to the kitchen and took a knife and killed them"
I(In a frightened voice)-"that means you are a murderer"
He-"After Killing them I realised my mistake and felt guilty and I also commited suicide"
I( in a very frightend tone)-"what?"

Suddenly the lights inside the compartment blinked and the man disappeared. After that I felt down on the floor of the compartment unconsciouly and remembered nothing what happened to me after that.When I wake up I found lot of people around me,somehow I reached home safely but I can't forget that paranormal experience ever in my life.

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About This Story
21 Nov, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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