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Confusing Love- Part Four-Rewrite
Confusing Love- Part Four-Rewrite

Confusing Love- Part Four-Rewrite


(James Pov.)

Atlas's driveway is empty, his house dark and disolate. He doesn't look at all surprised by this. His car smells strongly of lemon zest and cinnamon. "Come on. My mom always works late, she will probably sleep at her office tonight if she sleeps." This eases my nerves and I clamber out of his small car and into his pebbled driveway. The cold air making the airs on my arm stand up, I try not to shiver. He pretends not to notice.

The front door opens with a click and the lights buzz to life. His living room is tighty and well furnished, his kitchen the same. "My room is this way, I have a first aid kit." He leads me into a room with clothes littering the floor, books overflowing on the bookshelf, papers stacked high on his desk, and walls covered in posters of all sorts and hand drawn things.

"Sit," He demands, I take the swivel chair at his desk. He pulls a first aid kit out of the bottle drawer and flicks on the lamp. "This might hurt." He says, wetting a cloth in alchohol, and pressing it to my cut. It stings for a moment and then the pain dulls to a simple ache. He smiles slightly and bandages the cuts.

"All good." He puts everything back in its place and back in the drawer where it belongs. "Thank you." He nods,"are you hungry?" I nod, trying not to seem excited by the prospect of food. He chuckles,"come on. I can cook." I follow him back into the kitchen and wait as he throws things together in a pan.

"Here, it is an omelet." I nod and take a bite, almost melting in place. "This is delicious." He smiles,"thank you. What do you need to sleep in?" He questions, leaning forward on his elbows. He looks adorable, I shake my head chasing away the thought. I swallow,"um. I-it doesn't matter." He smiles,"okay. I have a hoodie and basketball shorts you can use." He walks away and comes back with a towel, rag, and said clothes.

"Here. Now that you are finished, you can shower. I will sleep on the couch and you can take my bed." I nod, he points to the bathroom.

Atlas is sitting on the couch, flicking through channels. "Can I watch t.v with you?" He nods and gestures to the seat beside him. "What genre?" I shrug,pulling the blanket over me. "Are you cold?" I shake my head and he goes back to flipping through channels.

Finally, settiling on a horror movie. I pull my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms around myself. He stares transfixed at the movie, clinging onto my arm as the monster dude jumps out. "Shit." He mumbles, more to himself than to anyone else. I smile down at him,"are you scared?" He stares up at me and then pulls away, leaving my arm neglected and cold. "No, asshole." I laugh,"sure."

He ignores me and clutches his hands together, clinging onto himself. A scream errupts from him and he bumps into me, causing me to fall and drag him down with me. He lands on top of me, my arms around him. "Are you hurt?" I question, he shakes his head. "No, sorry." Scrambeling to get up, he falls back down, and bangs his hea into mine.

"What is going on here?" A loud strong voice questions, ringing out around us.

Author Notes: Sorry for the wait, hope you enjoy.

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27 Apr, 2021
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2 mins
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